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Title: Beastly Entertainment Recruiting
Post by: XaineC on November 13, 2013, 08:45:31 PM
 Hello all RPG Makers,

      My name here is XaineC and I’m the head of a group called Beastly Entertainment. I’ve been a user of RMXP for some years now, and I am here to enlist some help on my most current project. Unfortunately, this project is currently unpaid and will offer only credit. I am trying to put a team together to make the best piece of work we can using what we can gather. I want to create an experience that players will look back to fondly after it is all over. I have done work on this project alone, but I need help and I hope some of you here can provide it. If you would like specifics, please PM me. If you are not interested, you need not respond.

Thanks for your time,