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Title: Looking for a partner
Post by: CircleDrain on January 07, 2013, 07:46:00 PM

like the title said, I am looking for someone to work with.

Long time ago, I worked on some projects but I couldnt spend enough time anymore because of personal problems. To be honest I love it to work together with ppl. I think if each person concentrate in one thing, you can get some pretty skills.
And well its more fun to work together.

What will be my part? I would like to work on graphics and storytelling ( I am German hopefully my english isnt that crap). For this topic I made a graphic today, hopefully its enough (

As you can see its not perfect or rather pretty good, but I will work hard to improve myself !

Another important thing is, I dont want to work on advanced Projects. I would like to work on a new one or on a early staged game.

I dont care about XP,2k3,AceVX or whatever.

If you have questions, feel free and ask :)