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Title: How to Convince Strangers to Write Scripts for You
Post by: modern algebra on October 12, 2012, 03:12:46 AM
How to Convince Strangers to Write Scripts for You


Scripters, by and large, approach requests wanting to write a script for you. If your request fails to generate a response, you have not just failed to persuade a scripter to accept your request, you have actually persuaded him or her to reject it. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to avoid common pitfalls and write a script request that is more attractive to the average scripter.

Note: this tutorial should only be consulted after you have already searched exhaustively (see: Script Searching Tutorial (,32911.0.html))

Don't Guidelines Already Exist?

Yes. In the early days of RMXP, when scripting was still a new phenomenon in the RM-o-sphere, it quickly became apparent that there was a massive ravine between what information requesters provide to scripters and what information scripters require in order to fulfill a request. Nowadays, every major forum has tried to address this problem:

However, and despite the use of heavy terms like rules, guidelines, and templates, I still commonly see requests that are stupider than a penguin trying to square dance, and one hundred times less adorable, like:

Quote from: Tragically common request
Hey, I'm really busy right now and don't have time to do this with events, but I was thinking it would be really cool to have a Preternatural Asphyxiation spell like in the Eternal Crystal Tales Of The Magic Fantasy Dragon series. THANKS!

The prescriptive approach simply does not appear to be working, so I propose a principled approach to script requests: the purpose of this tutorial is to hopefully give some insight into how to think about your script requests through the eyes of the scripters you are hunting.

Why does a scripter take requests?

This is important because knowing why a scripter might want to take your request should give you clues as to what to include in a request, as you will see in later sections of this tutorial.

To answer this question, it really requires some consideration of what a scripter's motivation is in taking requests. Since every scripter has different motivations, this is sort of impossible. Still, I think there are some general motivations that are true on some level for all scripters, and these are:

Of course, these motives overlap; it's usually a combination of all four, and as I said those are only general motivations. Individual scripters may have other motivations. And if you're offering to pay, then that usually trumps these other more noble impetuses, but this tutorial is designed for people who are not offering money, so we can disregard that for now. Keep this list in mind as you read the rest of the tutorial.

Why might a scripter take my request?

Obviously, if the list above were the only factors in deciding if a request is to be fulfilled, then all requests would have an equal chance of being fulfilled and no tutorials or guidelines are necessary. This is not the case. The requests that are most likely to be filled are ones that are designed to appeal to all of those motivations. As such, I will go over each and give specific tips on how to speak to that motivation.



Facilitating Better RPG Maker Use


Why do some of those tips look familiar?

Caught that did you? It's because they mostly correspond to all the rules (, guidelines (, and templates (,44921.0.html) you have spent so much of your RM life ignoring. My hope is that by tying each tip to the motives that scripters bring to viewing requests, you will begin to realize that those rules are not just red tape to give moderators something to do, but are actually steel jaw-traps that paralyze a scripter long enough for you to convince them your request is worth fulfilling. In fact, following the specific rules set by the forum in which you make your request is also a gesture of respect which signals that you care about your request, so it is also a helpful thing to do.

Now, you may think to yourself - time is precious, so why should I be spending all this time searching for and writing a script request? To that I simply remind you that it may take hours for someone to write a script; why should a stranger be willing to spend more time working on your game than you are willing to spend describing what you need? Frankly, they shouldn't and they won't unless you're very lucky. It is understandable that you might think scripters have all the time in the world when they write rambling and directionless tutorials teaching random strangers how to ask questions, but the truth is they don't; they are just sometimes overtaken by a skewed sense of priorities.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Happy hunting!

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