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Title: Navigational Guide for Resources
Post by: modern algebra on March 17, 2012, 10:12:44 PM
Navigational Guide

All completed resources are shared in the three child-boards of Resources, each divided into distinct types of resources:

Each is described in more detail below.

Graphics (,239.0.html)

The root Graphics (,239.0.html) forum hold threads that are compilations of various types of resources or which otherwise do not fit in any of the child boards. It has four child boards:

Audio & Video (,240.0.html)

This board holds all completed audio and video resources. It houses all background music, background sounds, sound effects, and musical effects, as well as any video files created for use in 2k3 or VX Ace.

Miscellaneous (,123.0.html)

This Board is dedicated to any residual resources. These mostly include any patches for RMs, as well as any supplemental programs that assist in the creation of resources, such as image editing or sound creation programs.

If you are looking for resources of any type and for whatever maker, then please look through the appropriate child board. If you cannot find it, you can request a resource by creating a new thread in the root board of Requests (,289.0.html). Please see the Guide for Making Requests (,34549.0.html).

If you are looking to share resources and you are the creator of the resources, then you are welcome to post a new thread in the appropriate child board. Please note that if all you are posting is a compilation of resources made by other people or edits of resources made by other people, then you are not the creator. If the thread you are posting does not fit within any of the categories, please put it in the root Graphics (,239.0.html) board. Unless you specify otherwise, it will be assumed that the Terms of Use (,45404.0.html) apply to your work. If you do not wish those terms to apply, then you only have to say so in the topic where you share your resources. RMRK asserts no ownership or responsibility whatsoever over anything you publish on this website, and you are free to change the licence or remove your resources at any time.

If you are looking to share a resource that you did not create, then you can only provide a link to the resource and not directly upload it here unless the following conditions are met:
    (1) you have obtained the permission of the creator(s) to post the resource on RMRK;
    (2) you give full credit to the creator(s); and
    (3) you ensure that either:
        (a) the creator(s) approve(s) the default Terms of Use (,45404.0.html); or
        (b) terms of use approved by the creator(s) are set out in the thread where you share the resource.