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Title: [RM2k3]Even Better 'Poison' Status Effect
Post by: eulB on July 08, 2011, 11:20:08 AM
This tutorial will tell you how to make a better Status Effect for your RM2k3 Games.
Difficulty: Easy

Remember how your standard RM2k3 'Poison'-like status effect deals demage to you on EVERY single turn?
Isn't that annoying to you? Well, this tutorial is here to solve that problem.  :tpg:

First Create a common event like this.
( (

Now we have the common event ready and set, move away to Battle Event!
( (

The event above is to make sure if the Actor or Zack in this tutorial, is inflicted with Poison or not on every turn.

The next battle event's trigger:
( (

The battle event
( (

The variable can be modified on how severe you want to make the poison.
i.e: Divide the variable by 4 if you want the poison to take 25% of the Actor's Max HP.

That way the 'Poison' will take the Actor's HP only when he takes turn like in Final Fantasy games, not on every damn turn that passed.

Also, you might want to turn off the Switch 'Zack Poisoned' when the battle ends or when the Actor dies.

So that's it.