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Title: [POTS] Perchance to Dream
Post by: modern algebra on April 14, 2011, 12:41:47 PM
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Quote from the topic:
Remembering the past is nothing but a luxury now. Many people of today's age have lost the ability to recall memories by themselves, so instead they enlist the work of Dream Doctors, or otherwise known as hypnotists... A distressed woman, Rosaline, finds herself at a breaking point. Her hometown is destroyed--parents lost with it, and the love of her life is chasing her down like a criminal. Frederick, the man she thought to spend the rest of her life with, discovers about a certain truth about Rosaline's past and can't grasp it. He swears to hunt her down and bring her to justice. Of course Rosaline has never had this memory Awakened to her, so she's forced to run and not even know why. Reaching a safe location, she seeks the aid of one of the most powerful Dream Doctors she knows: her close friend Jasmine. Her plan is to erase the criminal past she might have, and prove to Frederick she's innocent. However, when messing with the mind, it never goes as planned.


See the development thread (,40006.0.html) for more details and screenshots.

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Spring 2011