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The Legend of Crimson.

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Level 88
Evil will Perish In a Flash of Crimson...

The Legend of Crimson.

Back Story:
A Millenium ago, the remnants of "The Crimson Bloodline" were a force to not cross blades with.
Countless civilians and clans were eradicated by the Crimson Bloodline...
Yet, years rolled by and no one could vanquish the Bloodline and eventually the whole world was in Chaos...
But, there was one....One man who knew exactly how to dispose of this clan...
"By enfusing their energies into crystals, I can rid the world of them!"
Months later and every last member of the Crimson Bloodline were captured and destroyed...
The World began to rebuild and people began to enjoy life again after the wrath of The Crimson Bloodline...

A millenium later, there is no trace of the Bloodline or its inheritants anywhere in the history of ""Fargoth"...
But certain individuals lie dormant in knowing that they carry that very gene.
"The Crimson Gene, the power to turn any person into the perfect soldier..."
Their Stories start on this very day.....



Name: Esclaya
Home Town: Mur'con Island
Job: Kunoichi
Esclaya's parents were killed when she was at a tender age of 4, since found hiding behind some bushes in the Dahlia Jungle, an old woman named Chiyome found her.
Since that day she has lived on the Island of Mur'con in a tiny Ninja Village training hard for what lies ahead.

Name: Kaira
Home Town: Kargon
Job: Assassin
Kaira was born and raised in the Market town of Kargon. She lives with her parents and has a nice life there.
By night she is one of the top assassins in Fargoth, taking orders from her Master Wu-pei from the peaks of Mount Zaro, she sneaks off into the night...

Name: Rose
Home Town: Equador City
Job: Royal Knight
Rose applied for a Job at Equador Castle as a Night Guard many years ago. Since that day she has proved her worth and has become Head in command of the Equador Knights. Her loyalty to her Kingdom is unbreakable.

Name: Rayne
Home Town: Unknown
Job: Fiend Hunter
From the day she was born, Rayne has always been "Different", a beauty with a violent rage in her blood. Her family were cursed with the same condition as Rayne and were soon turned into fiends...
Hoping one day she will see them again before the Gene gets hold of her, she hurries to rid the world of the evil Fiends.

Name: Hiyane
Home Town: Jaruda Village
Job: Shrine-Maiden
The only daughter of the most famous Alchemist in Fargoth. Living where the rain never stops and the crops have the power to heal the most dreadful of illnesses, Hiyane shot to fame when her father created a vaccine to stop most diseases in one dose! She protects her land, and watches from the highest point in Jaruda, But what destiny awaits her?

Name: Violenne
Home Town: The Ocean
Job: Pirate
Violenne is one of the siblings of the most famous Pirate bandits in the world. Having been born into this 'ere madness she longs to rid of them sooner or later. Where her siblings like to pilfer, she likes to think and be free...Will she ever cut her strings?

Name: Eva
Home Town: Unknown
Job: Rogue
As the last remnant of the Crimson Bloodline she conceals herself in the shadows and waits to strike. She can sense that "They" have been tracking her of late. Knowing this she Throws off her clothes and equips herself into the "CrimsonSuit". The sweet blood of her former victims still linger in its material. Realising the "Chosen ones" potential she vows never to be beaten by anyone ever again...

Each Girl will have their own Tale/Chapter and will be 2 hours each or more. Starting from the opening character all the stories will link in with eachother.
No Scripting has been used due to me not been able to, so I have just used the basic engine and tried my best.

Chapter 1: A Kunoichi's Destiny
Chapter 2: In Cold Blood...
Chapter 3: For Glory!
Chapter 4: Fame and Fortune.
Chapter 5: The Fallen City.
Chapter 6: Down to the Roots...
Chapter 7: A Troublesome Pair.
Chapter 8: Bloodlines (NEW)
Chapter 9: E.V.A (NEW)
Chapter 10: World's End!
(Subject to change)


Ok, well I hope you enjoy and I will keep you updated, so please any questions, tips, comments or critisicms will be good to hear from you!

Update! Demo to be released of Chapter 1: A Kunoichi's Destiny (1st Jan 2010)

Update: I will be putting a series of screenies up for each different chapter so you can see more of what's going on. So please comment and enjoy!

Chapter 1: A Kunoichi's Destiny.

Chapter 2: In Cold Blood...

Chapter Information (So Far...)

Chapter 1: Esclaya's Tale - A Kunoichi's Destiny
After a exhausting battle on the peak of Mount Zaro, with her friend, that had now become her rival, Esclaya escaped Ayana's wicked ways by putting an end to her evil scheme. Days later so starts to regret her decision to take Ayana's Life.
"What have I done...?"
Living with a guilty conscience Esclaya soon gets to know the true meaning of friendship. She has escaped the clutches of The Ninja Village on Mur'con Island, and has become and outcast, a Shinobi.
Her Master does not approve of this and soon sets out her spies, who will put their own lives at risk, to dispose of Esclaya. A Close friend maybe watching...

Chapter 2: Kaira's Tale - In Cold Blood...
In the busy Market town of Kargon, this sassy young girl is well liked and apreciated by all citizens. Helping out with chores and peoples needs during the day, Kaira passes the time of day helping those in need. Once night time hits, and doors and curtains are closed, she steps out into the night.
Taking orders from her master, The legendary swordsman, Wu-pei, Kaira takes pride in her missions.
Longing to rid the world of thieves and miscreants she carries out her duties with ease.
But on this particular day she recieves an order which is even too big of a risk to Kaira, but money talks and eventually she will take it.
"Carrying out this Mission could make me go into hiding forever,,,"
Knowing this she must plan and collect her attire carfefully.

Chapter 3: Rose's Tale - For Glory! (NEW!)
In the Capital City of Equador lies the Equador Castle. Living in the Kingdom of the Royals, Rose serves her daily duties as Leader of the Equador Knights and also as Prince Thindos' personal bodyguard. Armed with her spear which holds the Equador flag proudly on it Rose stands proud in the Kingdom. Until one day when King Alberth appears to be ill by some sort of Poison in his body.
Prince Thindos panics and the whole kingdom erupts in chaos. Loyal to her kingdom and the Prince Rose stands by and watched, until she gets the order...
"Head to the opposing Kingdom and ask for their help. We need that Airship if my Fathers going to make it!"
Heading out to Gorone City could lead to an instant death for Rose. Even knowing this she knows she must fight to save her Kingdom and for the glory of her name.

Finally to add a bit of Spice to the game and hopefully get more feedback I have added scripts *snicker*!
All will be credited in game, currently I am using:
Ring-Battle System
Fog Script
Weather Effect Script!

All comments and feedback are welcome
More to come soon...
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This looks pretty neat. Moving to the regular projects section as I would say it meets requirements.

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The dark,quiet night is the best time of the day
Looks cool ^^ (can't wait for it to be finished and try it o-o -if it will be public XD-)
"Let the wings of an angel carry you on your way to happiness,even in hard times" ~O.d.l.T.~

Level 84
The mapping for your game is really great. Everything looks perfect. :)

Level 88
Evil will Perish In a Flash of Crimson...
Hey everyone! been a while! But i'm back and game progress is back in action lol.
Anyway Modified the first post with a series of updates.
I have announced a new character EVA, 2 new chapters and scripts that will now feature in the game.
Please comment and give me feedback and everything!
Thank u guys so much for the comments so far, its people like u that make me wana make the game! ^^

Drama Queen :*
Level 83
Great work with all the backstory. Really digging it.
I like the general premise of the Crimson Bloodline, as well.
Lots of characters and good information on them(nothing like age, etc, that crap doesn't matter).

Looking forward to hearing more of this.

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Level 88
Evil will Perish In a Flash of Crimson...
Hello Everyone! Been ages since i managed to get on but im back and progress has started again, lots of things are going to be added story wise, and alot of new areas and towns.
Trailer and a demo are currently in the works, so please please please have a look at this thread and tell me what u think of the game so far :D thanks :D

Level 88
Evil will Perish In a Flash of Crimson...

Level 88
Evil will Perish In a Flash of Crimson...
Character Trailer: Esclaya
I'm doing each character an individual trailer heres the first one check it out please:

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Sorry I ate the Chaos emerald...
cool vids  ;D
my weirdness is in a good way,isn't it?

Level 88
Evil will Perish In a Flash of Crimson...
cool vids  ;D
Aw thank you for watching :D glad ur interested :D

Level 75
Sorry I ate the Chaos emerald...
I watched it because the screenies looks great :lol:
my weirdness is in a good way,isn't it?