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[VX]Truth:The Other Side


How would you rate the demo of my first released game?

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Game Name: Truth: The Other Side

Game Engine:RM VX

169 S.E- Felorian invasion, disturbing the Eastern side of the Noble House Albion, House of Regace mostly left untouched. Jintashi, the ruling body of a minor state is untouched by the war, and with the rapid improvements in technology during the war, benefits most. Agreement formed between the United Commonwealth of Federated States for their technology in return for half of Regace Land. U.C.F.S fights back the Felorians to Iscise River before a truce was finally called. Unfortunately, the UCFS had already released the genetic experiments, 'Arachi' onto the warfield.

183S.E- Jintashi now controls the most powerful state in the World, Vernoth. Technology is flourishing there even as the rest of the World cope with the aftermath of the war between UCFS and the Felorian Alliance. The Arachi unfortunately released into the world now grow increasingly hostile. There are also rumours of more genetic experimenting occuring within the laboratories of Jintashi. Tension among the noble houses of Regace and Albion grow.

209S.E (Present) - Jintashi has begun expanding, invading many of the smaller countries. UCFS can no longer ignore their activities, and send a select party of 3 to assasinate President Barenot. Chride-a famed mercenary, Bryont-a noble, and Kezuka, a loyal war veteran.

Kezuka: Battle hardened war veteran. Respected Military Officer, involved in many of the campaigns exterminating the Arachi. Found in the forest on the outskirts of UCFS by a hunting party of Bryont & Gizel Regace who believes that he was abandoned out of wedlock.

Bryont:Noble, son of Gizel Regace and Yukari, who is still living. Father had been executed for seemingly plotted against President in 193S.E when seen talking to Jintashi spies. Loyal to the President, but disgraced among the Nobles due to his father's execution. 

Chride:Mercenary, well-informed and light-hearted. Optimistic & always joking. Brought up in a poor family, and due to economic reasons, was forced into such an occupation. When he had made enough money, he returned to his parents only to find out they had died to a plague. Called up by the President for his service permanently after receiving favourable reports of his work.


Title Screen, credits to Techie

Jintashi HQ

Outskirts of Varenda


Download Here
Alternatively download it Here

Credits:Woratana, KGC, Mr Annonymous, Kuplex, Sephirothspawn, Kylock for their amazing scripts, and Techie for the title and gameover screen, Tsukuru's Blog for resources, as well as anyone else who I may have forgotten to credit.

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I like the demo, man. The only thing is it lagged a little...could just be my computer.  ;)