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Simple Puzzle Switch

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Level 83
this is a very simple switch puzzle, dont give any credit there are far better switch puzzle tuts out there but i figured id contribute something   :D
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Level 84
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your system is well done, anyway, i will add another that i've made that looks as yours. :) and a critic aout yours ;)

(well, if you press the wrong ones, after battle if you touch the door, they will appear anyway. should reset after.)

take  a look on this one. it's almost the same: (just 2 pressed are the correct, or a mob will rise, and close the door.also resets the switches after battle.)

anyway, to who want to take a look:


well, it's a good system, and i posted mine since it is about the same thing, and wouldn't be needed another topic for the same thing.

KeEp the Go0d work =)

My Puzzle/StandAlone game in a week: