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[VX/VXA] Epson's Awesome Profile Pictures!

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... I got nothing.
So, a few days ago, I had discovered that I had lost those profile pictures included when you download RPG Maker VX.
And so I began to work on editing the pictures.
On to the pictures. I've arranged them to face Left and Right, I've edited them to be blurry, darkened, epic-looking, mysterious, ghostly and statue-like. And they're located in 7 separate .Rar files.

I've also posted the first actor in four different versions:
Spoiler for:


Facing Right




I added ghost-like, statue and epic-like styles. Leave your thoughts.
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I think that's a pretty good idea. The darkened one looks better than the original I think, and I can see the Mystery being helpful when introducing a character who you don't want to reveal entirely yet. Nice work Epson.
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I don't particularly see how this took you awhile. You can do this in under 2 minutes, if that in photoshop.

1: It's the normal profile - Done
2: Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal - Done
3: Filter>Blur>Guassian Blur>4px - Done
4: Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast>Brightness -50, Contrast +50 - Done
5: Image>Adjustments>Exposure>Exposure -20 - Done

I tested it, and it took about 47 seconds, not including saving each file.

3 Layers.
Step 1: Take the portrait and copy that layer 2 times (to make 3 layers)
Step 2: The middle layer, desaturate it, and then invert the colors.
Step 3: The middle layer, apply a gaussian blur of like 10px to it, then set that layer as OVERLAY
Step 4: The top layer, set that layer to Color Burn and change its opacity to like 36%
Step 5: Change the bottom layer's opacity to like 60% and apply a gaussian blur of about 6px.

That's just 2 layers.
1: Desaturate the profile picture.
2: Make it darker and have higher contrast.
3: Import a stone texture and place it on a new layer above the profile picture.
4: Set the stone texture as Overlay and make it have higher contrast.

I don't know what an "epic like" is.

Nice additions otherwise. It saves other people time having to do it themselves. Looks like I took too long to post this and MA moved it to the database before I could.

P.S. I used http://visual.literaryspring.com/gallery/albums/resources2/texture800oooo.png for the stone texture. (Purposely didn't put it in [img] tags.)
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... I got nothing.
It took me a while because I did it for every single character's picture one, changing it 5 different times, and I have a short attention span.

UPDATE: Added the Ghost-like, Statue and Epic-Like Profiles along with Face Graphics into their respective folders.
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