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Vampyr Net Gaming

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Vampyr Net Gaming

Beta 1.09 Changelog
Spoiler for:
Beta 1.0.9 – 10/09/2009
Added Auto-Updater;
Added + options to vocab;
Added system icons;
Added character managment on server window;
Added Neoncube launcher to client;
Added Visual Equipmen based on gender;
Fixed uninitalized constant Config::Shop_Sell_Divide;
Fixed a little bug of create character window (not finished);
Fixed “Select Characters” button;
Fixed minor bugs;
Beta 1.0.8 – 10/02/2009

Fixed register password and email issues;
WFixed Walk when click on text bar of chat window;
Addded some configurations by server side;
Fixed “undefined method ‘>’ for nil:NilClass”;
Fixed shop shop sell items price;
Fixed actor parametters;
Fixed mouse cursor on monsters after kill then;
Chat code enhanced;
Fixed characters names on head don’t appear sometimes;
Added options window;
Fixes minor bugs;
Beta 1.0.7 – 09/26/2009

Started Quest System (Beta Stage yet);
Widgets updated to 2.0;
Actor creations fixed;
Visual equip fixed;
Online players don't appear sometimes fixed;
Sistem Color.png error fixed;
Chat box enhanced (Now with scrollbar);
Moused based abs beta;
Path finding beta;
Fixes minor bugs;

Fixed check_value error;
Fixed Hud Hotkeys and Character Status;
Fixed chat on all map;
Added option to choose the shop items price (the value that items price is divided);
Fixed two sword styles actor and window equip;
Fixed GM commands (/kick x, /suspend x, /ban x where x = player’s name);
Fixed character creation;
Fixed other minor bugs;

Beta 1.0.5 – 09/19/2009

Added Self Switches Control (Need new database);
Added Texts to Hud HP, MP and EXP;
Added Amount Box to Trade;
Amount box not needed if your item number <= 1;
Fixed Armors sprites above events;
Fixed minor bugs;
Beta 1.0.4 – 09/18/2009

Added faces (must change the Database.sdf to new);
Added Amount window to shop, inventory and warehouse;
Fixed don’t save actor graphics when it changes;
Fixed some bugs of In-game registration;
Added Anti Sql-Injection on php registration;
Fixed Vocab errors;
Added easy setup-class creation;
Added scrollbars for shop, inventory and trade window;
Fixed more minor bugs;
Beta 1.0.3 – 09/17/2009

Fixed Message Window;
Fixed armors on trade window;
Fixed Network players movement;
Added Register In-game;
Fixed php registration page;
Fixed another equipments kinds (Boots, Gloves, Cape and Necklace);
Added guide to change equips sprites and kinds;
Fixed minor bugs;
Beta 1.0.2 – 09/15/2009

Fixed Visual Equipment;
Fixed windows don’t close when walk;
Fixed Guild error;
Fixed close chat box when press X and cast skills and items when type;
Added message balloon;
Added 1st part of PVP (can attack with weapons);
Added Safe Areas to ABS (Areas where player will respawn when dies);
Fixed minor bugs;
Beta 1.0.1 – 09-14/2009

Fixed Message Window don’t appear;
Fixed warehouse withdraw item disappear;
Fixed teleport and player on map don’t disappear;
Fixed Emotions;
Fixed Game Over (Vampyr Net ABS start being build);
Fixed some other minor bugs;
Beta 1.0.0 – 09/13/2009

Server uses now, SQL Compact Edition;
Server can generate a list of Accounts, characters, Guilds, etc in Microsoft Excel;
Creation and exclusion of chars (5 chars per account);
Switches and Variables save in Database;
Guild System (Creation is based on Mu guild system)
Trade system;
Warehouse system;
IP blocker;
Admin can talk with players using the server window;
Visual Equipment with online support;
Block and Suspense system (Block is undefined days, Suspense is one week);
Font color of chat and display name of GM and Admin is different of the others players;
GM and Admin chat commands:
/Suspend player_name – Suspend a player

/Block player_name – Block a player

/Kick player_name – Kick the player

Chat with case insensitive filter;
Widgets (Windows enhancements identical to Windows Vista);
Chat multi-colors (for Guild talk, whisper, friends talk, scream, etc…)
Path Finding (ca be turned on/off);
Skills window with separator of kinds of skills;
Chat with filer case insensitive;
Points distributions when level-up;
Max level 9.999;
Visual Equipment with online support and kinds of 8 equipments

Install Instructions
Spoiler for:
Server side:

1st of all, if you use a router, you need to open the port 50000 on this, otherwise the server will not start!

Install SqlCE 3.5;
Open the server;
Go to tab Sql and click on button Select DB;
Navigate until the server's folder and select the BloodyDB.sdf;
Click on button Sql Connect;
Go to tab “Server” and click on button Start Server;
Client side:
Go to script Configuration and edit the server IP and Port;

Download and install some Apache server;
Extract the content of PHP Register to www folder;
Go to Config.php and edit:
$md5_encryption = true or false (Default = true for md5 password encryption of accounts);

Battle System:

Safe Areas:
Create an area on map named Safe Area, and add the number of maps separate by comma

Example: Safe Area 3,4,5,6, that means the player will be transferred for map of the area, if he is in one of the maps sated on the area name.


Go to folder Data/Shops on server side
Notice, there is a file name Shop1.ini, open it.
Notice the body of this file is like so:
items = [1,2,3]

weapons = [1,2,3]

armors = [1,2,3]

If you want to make another shop with different items, copy this file and rename for Shop2.ini, Shop3.ini, Shop4.ini, etc. Change the numbers of items separated by commas, those numbers are IDs of items in the database. Example: Shop2.ini
items = [5,6,7,8,9,10]

weapons = [1,2,3,4,5]

armors = [7,8,9]

To create different characters on selection screen, go to database and create normal classes and actors. But, on actors names, you must put Male or Female on its name, so it will appear automatically on character selection window.

To set other kinds of equipments to equip, go to notes of armors and put command:

Kind = 4, 5, 6 or 7 where 4 = Gloves, 5 = Boots, 6 = Necklace, 7 = Cape

To set graphics of equipments when equip, put the sprites on folder Graphics/Equipments and put on notes of armors: Graphic = X, where X is the name of sprite.

Spoiler for:

Vampyr Net Gaming 1.0.9
Sql CE 3.5


Vlad's Website (with all this and more information about his other amazing scripts): http://vampyr.axxim.net/
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You wrote 'Download' but there's no link there. Soo... lol

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Haha My Bad, fixed.

So I already installed the server and its running, its pretty freaking awesome.

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This looks very cool.

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1.0.5 Update...

Level 84
All Hail the Motherboard.
1.0.6 Update

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Just curious of the GM functions. Does it kick the player off the server if banned/suspended/kicked? Or does it just disallow them to reconnect if they disconnect after those commands?

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Uh yeah it has an Ip Blocker and it blocks the ip for however long  then they can log back on unless their banned of course

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All Hail the Motherboard.
Update 1.0.9

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At least give credit to vlad and link to his website http://vampyr.axxim.net

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mhm, well its obvious its by him once you download it. and i credited him on Vampyr SBABS sooooooooooo...

Oh I see you're part of his Staff, an administrator i see.
uh you can be glad i posted it here lol, no offense
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Letting you know, screenshots are broken.

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Wow, good job! That script made me think about a MMORPG  ;)

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I have a question, I have the server in my PC and in my laptop is my client and when I play I get no connection to the server host

how I can do please answer me


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Alright, so, I've finally put up the Vampyr Net Gaming page on the site. Check it out.

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Meh. VNG 1.5 is out. 1.6 is coming soon.

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Hate to necro but could some add a new download link to the demo.