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Journey to Pas Lus (My bigger project)

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Journey to Pas Lus is a project that takes you right into the action. Embark on a rigorous journey to enter the divine realm of Pas Lus. The keys to reaching this world are the essences scattered across the world.

Well, I'm including some screenshots in this post. Introductions aside, allow me to explain what this game has to offer so far. The main protagonist of the story has the ability to change into several unique classes at any given time. (One of which is not supported yet). Currently there are four main dungeons, and one is well sealed. There are even more bosses, including the leviathan that marks the biggest challenge of the game and the end of the demo.

This particular game is a lot more than a bunch of maps filled with a bunch of monsters. The dungeons have become the highlight of the game as my development evolved. The Void Dungeon on top of the Meteora Tower being the most unique of the four. This game features a meditation system where clearing dungeons and gathering the essences inside will unlock new abilities based on the people in your party and your class. There are currently 6 additional characters to play as and four essences to obtain.

As many as you developers know, making an RPG has a ton of aspects that need management. If you like what you see or see some notable flaws that should be brought to my attention, feel free to reply. The main thing to look for in this game is concept. For example, not only do you have to watch your HP in battle, but your MP will be important too. Collapsing from exhaustion is the result of 0 MP. Design isn't really my forte, so unfortunately this version of the game does not have much for custom sprites & what-not. I always figured gameplay should come first, but at the same time... I also felt that if I worried too much about appearances that I'd never get anything done alone, and if you have the time to give this game a chance, you may find that there is actually a decent amount of thought put into it.. or so I say.

That's about all I can say for now. This is an ongoing project that's been working so far in short. I hope you enjoy~
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Notable flaw: Mapping is bad.

Assumed Highlight: The way you write and speak in this post, makes me assume that the dialog won't be bad. So I'm looking forward to that perhaps.

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Map design was never my personal strong point. I'm more of an event sequencer & MIDI composer myself. In this project, there are maps with unique events to go with them. If you have about 3-5 hours to kill, I'd say it's worth a shot.

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I liked the demo. The only down side was that the main character was a RM Character. Most games have custom sprites, but its hard to find one you actually consider as 'decent' or 'good.'

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I know what you mean. Actually I was thinking when I get the sequence of events for the full game squared away then I could work on things like cosmetics, and possibly more interesting menus... for example, an event that shows you all the essences you obtained in the journey. You could call it a different sense of priority if you will. =P

Oh you said you managed to complete the demo? I was wondering how far you got because I want a game that's a challenge but not something impossible. If something was too hard, I might want to make a note of it.