How to make a decent recruitment topic.

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I can't believe one such topic haven't been made yet.
Until someone makes a good topic about this with fancy examples and stuff you can at least try read my tips.
They may help writing a better topic. A better topic = more or better people recruited.

The purpose of a recruitment topic is naturally to recruit people.
So, try to make the topic more interesting.
Try making a basic structure where you have:
  • A header explaining the purpose of the topic in few words. (i.e. FuRPG Recruitment) The size of the font is the bigger than normal.
  • A basic description
  • Which positions you are recruiting for
  • A section for each position explaining the function of the position
  • Some appetizers and some final notes perhaps. If you have some previous successful projects you could use them to show off.
This will help making the topic more interesting and make it look a bit professional. Making it look professional seems to help.
You should know that the basic structure I have given you is nowhere the only one and others may be better.
Just put some effort into writing the topic. Well… Let the topic shine with effort.
Oh, and a technicality. Remember to update your first post with relevant information giving in later posts.

 - Zeriab

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It hasn't been made yet? Good job, Z! *stickies*
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Nice work! lol, I just went around posting this:
5 tips on getting a team

1. Get well known on the forum
2. Try to do alot of stuff on your own, the less you ask for the more people will relaize you can on your own
3. Post a game on this fourm, even if its just a basic idea, showing people you have something planned will help.
4. Help others, and help will come back to you
5. If you can't get everything ask for the major things only.

but this shall save me time  ;D
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Sweet thanks for the format, i'm sure this'll help me on my game.  ;D

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seriously people get a life if your not serious don't ask


If you are making a recruitment topic, please don't make one unless you are serious about asking for help. Please check them every once in a while to let people know whether you are still looking for help or found help and don't need anymore

Is that better?
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seriously people get a life if your not serious don't ask

You have a valid point that could actually be a very useful tip, but you waste it by using one sentence full of juvenile emotion, and devoid of intelligence or grammar. If you rewrite it properly, it could actually be a useful contribution.
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I edited it please tell me if you think it's a good/useful tip now.

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It was one in the first place, but it'd pretty much already been established and it was a massive necropost. :|

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just helped me :D thanks