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I'm back again. Again.
PTOW Productions is the game developing team behind my game Passage to Other World. What I need is to make a solid team of people who could help me do the stuff I can't. Which is most of it.

I need:

Graphical Team 0/4 spaces filled.

This people will help with anything graphical on the game. This may include character sets, or facesets, maybe even battler graphics.

Storyline Team 0/1 space filled.

I'm quite good at storylines, so I don't really need much help here. However, I can't write the whole game myself, I do need a talented writer who can help me.

Mapping Team 0/2 spaces filled.

As you may know, maps aren't my forte. Therefore, I need some people to help me design the maps of the game.

Script Editor 0/1 space filled.

You all know what this is...

If your interested, post here, stating:

Code: [Select]
[b]Position Applying to[/b]:
[b]Past Experiance[/b]:
[b]MSN Addy:[/b]

I would prefer it if you had MSN. This makes communication easier. But it is not required. MSN=Windows Live Messanger.

I hope people are interested...
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I love Firerain
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I can join as a storyline but cant get on msn so..SORRY
Arlen is hot.

Level 89
I'm back again. Again.
Its ok, you don't have to, its just prefered. I can just PM you the stuff here. Are you still interested?