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I am new at this i am in dire need of a decent scripter
a good-great comp graphic artist that can make art compatable with XP
a team of map-makers 
also someone who can make sprites
and finnally someone who would be willing to teach me beginner-intermediate skills with XP

Edit: Heres my storyline sofar...thousands of years before the dawn of man dragons ruled the world, now ath the peak of mankinds dominance dragons are no more but halfman-halfdragon people, Dragans, live amoung the humans.  Now a dragan decended from the alst living dragon, the dragon of the void, has risen to power and called together the Dragans to take back the world that was once theirs.  I responce to this the human villages send out warriors to be blessed by their god and defeat the menace, but at the moment of the final prayer of the blessing the god AND preist are murdered and their powers sent scattering into all couners of  the world. Now t is a race against time.
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5 tips on getting a team

1. Get well known on the forum
2. Try to do alot of stuff on your own, the less you ask for the more people will relaize you can on your own
3. Post a game on this fourm, even if its just a basic idea, showing people you have something planned will help.
4. Help others, and help will come back to you
5. If you can't get everything ask for the major things only.
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