If anyone is on i am making a project have some members and story already

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it is caled "begginings there" and if u want more info  on how to join us pm me or post here and i will give u info we need experienced peeps only plz and plz post ur specialty

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Ok there are fourm rules on what you need before you could post something under projects. You need a story, character info , and some screenshots to show us you are real. Please post them now. Believe me people at crankeye won't join you unless they know you are the real deal. By the looks or it you are new here, and are already asking for ecperienced people, that won't cut it. Uless of course you can prove through screenshots...etc.. that you too are ecperienced.
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i am just trying to get people based on the story i have i am just starting a new team i was working on another site and there arent many peeps with free time there...so heres the run down of the story:
There is a barren wasteland where there used to be a prosperus unamed city until one day the civilization there mysteriously disappeared...well all of a sudden things start growing all over the barren waste land.3 countries can tell there is a great power causing this so they all go to that spot...the cause of all this is a "rune of begginings".after a series of events you end up with the stone and can use its power to fight but heres why u have to fight.The rune can bring things back to life (so it can be used to raise a large army is enough corpses are found) and each country wants to take this power to make an infinate army so they can take over all the other countries...though u have the stone all the other countries think that the other has it so they go to war.once i get a little more info about where you are travelling i will give more info all i know from here is that on your travels you run into groups of soldiers who notice the rune and want to fight...after you run into so many people word spreads that you have the stone and each country sends powerful mercenaries after you...

the main characters name is Jonas.

and i dont have any screen shots becuase we need someone who can make a cutscene that will start as soon as you click new game at the main menu...but after we get this started we can start on the actual game...that why we need experienced people...we have team support private forums set up too....once we get enough people the person who wrote the fan fiction stories will give me rights to release it to you the public but until then you'll have to go to him for a current copy...so now if ur interested post here.

thank you.