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Snake Look-alike on Load Script
Version: 1.0


The SLOLS has been made by Zeriab.
Thanks goes to RMXP for making this possible
Credits should be given.

The purpose of SLOLS is to provide the player an opportunity to interact with something during loading sequences. I think the loading time will not seem as long as normally if the player as something to do while the program is loading.
They don't experience the time it takes to load as bad even though the script reduced the loading speed.
In the game itself the principle is to collect dots by moving a bigger dot into them. There is no time limit. There is no way to die or get stuck or etc.  Steering is done by the arrow keys.
When the loading is finished a sound will be played and visual aids will be used to let the player know that the loading is finished.
The player can then continue by pressing a trigger key (fx. ENTER)
There is no need to press enter. The player can play the game as long as he or she wants unless  the script loaded does something that changes this.



The demo has been combined with my Letter Ninigame to show a example of use.
If the Letter Minigame is used credits mentionen in the Letter Minigame should be given.

You download my demo from one of the following links.


In attachment and here:

You must have these pictures in your graphics\pictures folder or the arrow keys shown on the picture will be missing:

The Script:
This script used the global variable $loader.
It can run without $loader being initialized in which case the script considers the loading as done.
To use $loader you must set it to a Thread. The syntax is:
Thread.new( [arg]* ) {| args | block } ->  aThread  (Reference)

An example:
$loader = Thread.new { MyClass.new }

To get the SLOLS scene use this syntax:
$scene = Scene_SLOLS.new(scene=Scene_Map.new)
scene will be used to set the scene that comes after Scene_SLOLS. The scene to be used after finished loading and player pressing trigger.

An example; syntax for standard scene: (Scene_Map)
Code: [Select]
$scene = Scene_SLOLS.new
# or
$scene = Scene_SLOLS.new(Scene_Map.new)

The script will store the amount of dots in the variable number specified by Cheese_Variable in Scene_SLOLS. (Near top)
There also are the Margin (in pixels) and the Border_Thickness (in pixels).
Changing these may break the design. The info bar with the instructions is a bit fragile.


None yet


Should be independent which increases compatibility.

Credits and Thanks

I would like to thank everyone using their time to try and use SLOLS.
I would like to thank everyone reading this topic.

Author's Notes

I don't recommend letting the script being 'loaded' change the $scene as makes the SLOLS stop rather suddenly from my point of view (Players position).

And finally: ENJOY!

 - Zeriab
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Snake is the shit, yo. Very nice script Zeriab.

pokeball :)OfflineMale
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very nice, will attempt to use it (all the scripts I use have been messing up since last week).
Watch out for: HaloOfTheSun

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