Avalancia, Pre-Production

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Hello everyone.  Recently, some friends and I have started production of a RPG Maker game that, for the time being, is titled simply "Avalancia".

I respect the talent on this site and was wondering if anyone would like to get involved.  Production started but only a week ago, but nevertheless we have a humble freewebs site that's serving as our production gallery:

Avalancia's Humble Homepage

The style is a little different than what most RPG Maker games consist of.  Largely, the anime style is abandoned, with only some exception.  As an art enthusiast, I can respect the anime style, but personally am not a big fan of it in terms of visual storytelling.  Instead, we've adopted a fresh change that can be seen in some of the first few concept sketches that you can view on the homepage.

Aside from the main plotline, the story is being created by a friend of mine, and what is done can also be found on the site.

Thank you all for checking us out, and let me know if you'd like to get in on this project, we'd love to have you.