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Hello comunity!

Some years ago i quit the game making scene, recently i had to change PC and discovered on my old hard drive some unfinished games (TONS of) those projects that took hours and month of work dismised and trashed like garbage, so i decided to check on them and see if there is enough documentation on their respective folders to working on them again and FINISH THEM!
And yes!! There is the documentation and primary files, graphic templates and everything needed, so i started the laborious proccess of selecting one of them (i love almost anyone of them).
It was a hard work but the winner is a project that i presented here for a contest...

Retired Hero

Made using RpgMaker XP


It's a sim/RPG/date/evo game based on medieval era.

Clasification: E - Everyone (normal versiĆ³n) M - Mature (+18 version, contains nudity and suggestive themes)

You are the classic hero that defeats the Ancient Boss Monster, by chance, because you are not really that amazing.
Anyway, when that monster is defeated all evil monsters in the world dissapeared, so, you don't have a job anymore.
An old man decides to help you by giving the chance to get a castle, wich you should rebuild and make the village growth again.

It's a generic level 1 hero, defeats the Ancient Boss Monster by chance and becomes famous, but poor. Now he is on charge of a new quest, the quest of his life. He should live like a new noble and find the way to get fame, money, fun and perhaps, love.

Enemy: Your main enemy is time, because you have a limited amount to fullfill the castle rebuilt and get a girl (if you want).

Engines and systems:
Town and castle progression
Day/night system
Weather and seasons.
Relationship systems and events accordly.
Skill leveling system
Random dungeons
Semi Random quests and missions
NON RTP Graphics or UI

Team: None, one man alone project.
Graphics, scripts, engines, systems, writting, and whatever else: Sipsop (Alias for hentai: Radge).

Kevin Mc Leod. (of course)


Cris crisis:

Somewhere on town: