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Your throne is usurped, your family massacred. You now have to rely on allies and close friends where you once had servants and nobles, reclaim your throne and establish stability within the realm. Trust no one but yourself and your choices.

The game is split into three chapters and could be described as like the Fable series. Your ultimate goal is win your throne back after having it usurped, you then rule as a monarch and fulfill promises or break them. This emphasis on the choices the player makes which can open or close quest lines and events to alter gameplay.

You start as a princess and the game pulls you along through detailed dialog and cut scenes to the events which leave you without a home and a family. The game then turns to a traditional RPG where the Princess must rally support from allies and other kingdoms while being guided by loyalists and household retainers.

The game is heavily influenced by Game of Thrones and is set in a medieval setting under a feudal system with slight magical aspects. Expect gore and foul language as castles and princesses aren't always a wonderful fluffy kingdom all the time.

The game's first chapter is nearly complete, this will form the basis of the demo i will be releasing.

Spoiler for:

The game will focus heavily on choices and your approach to them. Certain choices may lead to fame or infamy and change whole areas. You may be locked out of or gain access to new quests, hidden areas, dialogue etc.

Chapter I - Home
The game's intro which leads to the events which forces the player to leave their home and rally support to reclaim the throne. No combat apart from a battle tutorial. The player is limited to a linear path and limited exploration.

Chapter II - Duty
This part of the game plays like a traditional RPG. You have your retainers (party members,) items and experience to gain to better defeat your enemies. The story will still drive the player through locations but exploration will be free and backtracking to former locations for side-quests is possible. You may need to make promises during quests to receive support for your claim, if you choose not to, any local battles may be more difficult with less men at your disposal. You eventually return to your ancestral home and are crowned.

Chapter III - Reign
Ruling as a monarch, you will have to hold court and hear petitions from the nobles and smallfolk. Any promises you made previously may come back to haunt you as your treasury may not be able to fund the request. Broken promises may lead will lead to infamy and threats upon your life. You command your forces both from the throne and on the field. The chapter ends after winning the events of the invasion.

Spoiler for:
Kingdom of Lirra
Eleanor (16) - The player, Royal Princess of Lirra.
King James II - The current reigning king of Lirra, your father.
Theodore II (7) - Your annoying, younger brother.
Piers - The family's loyal butler and mentor.
Grand Scholar Maxem - Head of scholars within Lirra, teacher and mage.
Ellis (16) - Your smallfolk friend.
Jerry (25) - A loyal knight serving as a man-at-arms for your family you befriend early on.

Agustamagus - Current ruler of the once mighty empire.
Lady Octavia/White-haired bitch - Your step-mother and sister to the current head of House Rosenhien.

Lorcan - Your uncle, married into House Vaan Henlen to unite Lirra and Caevesta.
Lydill - Your uncle's wife.

Spoiler for:
Lirra World Map

Opening balcony cutscene.

Intro to your home.

Lesson to teach player about lore.

Entering Woodbrook.

Prototype House Hearthstrong family tree.
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Whoa, looks cool! :D I miss XP graphics. So pretty! *_*
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Updated the world map, which is something ive wanted to do for along time. Looks much better than a quick job on MS Paint haha. You get a much better understanding on the terrain and geography.
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