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Hail Lorsynth explores psychology through gameplay, and the player
will need to manage a variety of emotional statuses and psychological
weaknesses in order to progress. The game will put a big emphasis on
empathy vs negative emotion. Gameplay shifts between bright, noisy
and bubbly atmospheres to dull tones and disjointed focus, to better
help players understand and maintain their character's perspective &
emotional well-being. The game will have multiple starts and endings
and a heavy focus on character development & storytelling.

Spoiler for:
HL is centered around exploring mental stability, with a stat system based on traditional
psychological and emotional affects and more accurate maintenance of the protagonists
physical wellbeing. Mental curious are actively explored subtly throughout the game as
the player works their way towards one of dozens of potential outcomes, affected largely
by the accurate management of emotional and physical wellness, often through a variety
of seemingly minor quests and adventures that ultimately damage the psyche of the
protagonist of not properly handled. Decisions made will actively affect things continuously
through the game, positively or negatively. The player will rarely be given black and white
choices, making it harder to follow a strategic path.

The world itself is vaguely biotech-esque, a fetid alien planet populated by monstrous
creatures that are both beautiful and deeply unsettling. A sandbox grab-bag of different
play styles and nostalgic minigames, farming, romances, adventuring. It aims to give
players a vast amount of choice  as to what they want to do, and how they want to progress,
with easy, flexible systems to help them along.

HL is still in its infancy, with a lot of the work towards it being rough conceptualizations and
newly developed styles, a mismatch of what-ifs. Basically, it's a construction ground of heavy
detailed features, stylized art and a lot of nifty npc behaviors and development. I want the
game itself to reflect  emotional states in a way that seems visually appealing, with a lot of
underlying representation that makes it feel generally 'unsettling'. I also want to touch on
the edges of a lot of contradiction or misinformation, hopefully making people more aware
of how they get treated & how they treat people.

But mostly, it's just a lot of freeplay that feels like a consistent story where they can do anything
they want, any way they want to do it.

Spoiler for:

Magic & Usage
Magic in HL isn't quite as 'magical' as, say, harry potter, instead it focus on the use of
energy. All energy fits along a range of positive and negative, 'spell casting' is called
projecting and mages are generally considered spiritual icons, their names varied
depending on educational field of study.

The use of energies is simplified to work well in a magic type combat system, but instead
of hurling fireballs players instead work with a range of physical and mental effects, like
fear, healing, heat, cold, joy, anger and sadness to name a few.

Positive projecting includes things like healing, a surge of courage to fellow comrades, or
a burst of calm or certainty. Having characters with positive projection skills could be used
to manipulate a party of followers positively, out of combat it can give players a chance to
appease those who wouldn't normally agree with a decision, as an example.

Negative projecting, of course, would include things like surges of panic, fear, anger, etc.
These things would mostly be used on opponents, but they can also be used to negatively
manipulate a party or character, an example would be making a character with berserker
tendencies ultra angry, depending on the character the resulting carnage could be seen as
negative or positive.

Spoiler for:
The storyline for HL is still very basic, with most of the design process so far being devoted to
developing the style, systems and general aesthetics. So chances are this area will be updated
and edited constantly. The gist of it is basically this.

Lorsynth created the universe, her children tend to it.

Spoiler for:
About character interaction :
A key feature of hl is character interaction, every npc the protag encounters throughout
the game will have an intricate backstory that may come into play, for most characters
these will come out through frequent interaction and conversation, which builds a strength
and relationship stat. The strength builds slowly overtime, faster if you visit them, say, once
a day. Slower if you encounter then from time to time. It'll also diminish over time, but the
higher the stat the slower it falls without contact.

While the protagonist does keep a fairly detailed and up to date journal the player can
negatively influence the accuracy of the journals content. This will have a lot of influences,
and the players managed mental health will be a major factor in perceived outcome.

While most of this info may not be particularly important, there will be situations where
obscure information may be critical in understanding a characters behaviour, motives or
reactions, which will be progressively more important as game time moves forward.

This is particularly key when dealing with party members, just like real relationships they all
have different views, motives and opinions which can be responded to or manipulated for
mutual/self gain, how the protag treats friends or enemies will define the kind of help they
receive in turn.

I'm planning out a massive variety of in-depth characters with what I hope will have fairly
psychologically accurate personalities.

The protagonist originates in a place with a resemblance to earth, and while the character's initial race is never mentioned, it is implied that she/he's a human. The death of the protagonist is a tragic accident the player witnesses upon starting the game, before the player enters the first interactive area, a dream scene that's both hauntingly beautiful and serene, but ultimately eerie and unnatural.

As the player progresses the protagonist faces a variety of positive and negative events, the protagonist's core characteristics will then be decided based on how the player handles these initial dream-like quests. (Still needs to be expanded, click the sub bellow for outdated info

Spoiler for:
The protagonist is first introduced as a human boarding the subway, a cutscene plays out,
and depending on the choice of the player the human died one of several ways, which will
also impact the protag later on in the game. After death a god of Felth approaches the
player motherly with promises of protection and comfort. Again, the player is faced with
several choices, all of which end with the god putting the protag into a deep warm sleep,
a dream sequence follows, again dictated by player decision. Depending on the players
choices the protag will wake up in the body of one of four races, in one of four starting
locations. This stage is a kindergarten type tutorial where the player consistently levels and
ages their character while playing through a race specific tutorial. The player will be faced
with a great amount of choice and decision to help shape their character and class, which
can be edited at the start of adulthood before the protag continues on his/her quest.

A fungus god, creator of all things. The legends say she's a meditator of another planet who
has achieved enlightenment, and so created a universe with the strength of her mind.
Lorsynth is still a person, full of personality and kindness, and her control of the world
changes based on how she watches the player interact with her creations. A troublesome or
nasty character may incur random acts of wrath and warning. It is said at the point of death
the children of Lorsynth invite tired souls to a feast, followed by a business offer. Those who
make the decision to stay often lose part of themselves. She's more often depicted white,
accept when associated with reincarnation.

Lorsynth has a lot of features. I'll explain more soon.Check out some of the features bellow though!
Spoiler for:
Yearly Cycles
Weather, Day/Night, Changing Months, Weather & Seasons, Passing Time and Character aging.

Courting, Dating, Romancing, Positive and Negative, LGBT Friendly
Varied Gender Identities and Sexual Preferences, Long & Slow Burns,
Adult & G rated content, Intimate Scenes, Multiple Romances, Cheating
& Poly Options.

Basic Needs
Hunger, Thirst & Energy
Bloated, Stuffed, Full, Fed, Peckish, Hungry, Famished, Starving, Ravenous, Malnourished, Emaciated
Quenched, Hydrated, Satisfied, Thirsty, Parched, Dehydrated.
(Energy still WIP Concepts)

Recipes, Brewing, Specific Skills, Cooking Utensils, Ingredient Freedom.

Safe as Houses
Player Homes, Shops, Stalls, Portables & Camps
Buy and sell, trade and decorate, set up camp and enjoy the view.
Earn royalties & rent, keep on top of maintenance and repair.
Set up shop wherever you stop.

Nurture Nature
Fungiculture, Farming, Hydroponics, Foraging, Planting & Harvesting
Set up decorative gardens and farms, sell produce, protect crops.
Hire help, etc.

Clicking a plant will give you the option of taking the whole plant or only
the vital parts the player needs. Such as the leaves, flowers, caps, fruit etc.
If the whole plant is taken it'll still need to be disassembled, which may
leave waste products in the inventory, stems, thorns, poisonous leaves etc.
These only perish if left in the inventory for several days, otherwise they keep
indefinitely in proper storage. Food has stages of spoilage, and can still be eaten
or used in alchemy in later stages.

Plant scraps decay into plant matter or toxic plant matter regardless of type.
It's all just mush yo.

Animal Whisperer
Livestock, Pets, Taming, Trapping, Breeding, Sales,
Positive and Negative experiences, Illness, death.
Pet leveling and character building. All animals have active personalities.


The screens & art bellow still need a lot of work, and I've just chucked components in to fillthe space and give me an idea of how things are going to work together.
And credit where it's due, the beautiful sandy desert landscape seen
through the windows was drawn by the wonderfully talented

Spoiler for "Screenshots & Art":

some character profiles. They're all temporary and rough, so I'm using these as more examples of different angles and dynamics.
Also, Some main characters. The two brothers. <3


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