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" and at the end of all creation; Lorsynth gathered the droves of weary self creations
and set them down to rest on the worlds they had brought to life.
But the vividness of their world soon bound them
and without their strength they were helpless to escape."

Hail Lorsynth takes place on the planet of Felth, a post-apocalyptic world many centuries rebuilt, now
largely covered in fungi, symbiotic corals & other organisms. A breathing world of constant motion
heavily polluted by the evolved survivors of the devastating event that was intended to destroy the world.

The game itself is a very detailed open world, with a dozen major questlines and hundreds and hundreds
of planned quests. The player sets off on their journey in a number of starting locations based on a
selection of race related options, they live out their childhood with their parents, learning about the
culture of their race and the wide world beyond. Eventually players will progress to adulthood, following
different storylines and events based on player choices and playstyle where they'll eventually be
introduced to their first organic companion bot. ATAC, a several hundred year old AI relic, who reveals
long buried secrets.

The game at core relies on several sets of needs, both physical and psychological. Managing your
protagonist's emotional stability will be just as critical as making sure they eat, sleep and poop. The
protag is susceptible to all sorts of mental effects & disorders like anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD /
trauma, and more, and this will also effect the players health. As an example stress drains energy and
leaves you open to illness and disease, it effects the players mood and the likeliness of being effected
by bad events or uncomfortable situations. It impacts their charisma, which might impact relationships
with other characters and team members.

While the player explores Felth they'll be met by a trove of fascinating characters, in-depth lore, and an
immense database of highly detailed items, creatures, places, etc. Built on storytelling the experience
of Felth will be designed on making people think, feel and perceive all manner of things and events in a
multitude of different ways, and provide some interesting, out of the box thinking that may even transfer
into every-day life.

Felth will be an experience of life just as much as a game of heroes and villains.

Spoiler for:
HL is centered around exploring philosophy & mental stability, with a stat system based on traditional psychological and
emotional affects and more accurate maintenance of the protagonists physical wellbeing. Mental curious are actively explored
subtly throughout the game as the player works their way towards one of dozens of potential outcomes, affected largely by the
accurate management of emotional and physical wellness, often through a variety of seemingly minor quests and adventures
that ultimately damage the psyche of the protagonist if not properly handled. Decisions made will actively affect things
continuously through the game, positively or negatively. The player will rarely be given black and white choices, making it harder
to follow a strategic path.

The world itself is vaguely biotech-esque, a fetid alien planet populated by monstrous creatures that are both beautiful and deeply
unsettling. A sandbox grab-bag of different play styles and nostalgic minigames, farming, romances, adventuring. It aims to give
players a vast amount of choice as to what they want to do, and how they want to progress, with easy, flexible systems to help them
along. Geared towards free-form exploration HL's lesser quests are still designed to by highly thought-invoking, imaginative and

HL is still in its infancy, with a lot of the work towards it being rough conceptualizations and newly developed styles, a mismatch of
what-ifs, heavy detailed features, stylized art and a lot of nifty npc behaviors and development. The game itself will reflect emotional
states in a way that seems visually appealing with a lot of underlying representation that makes it feel generally 'unsettling'. It's also
attempt to touch on the edges of a lot of contradiction or misinformation, hopefully making people more aware of how they get treated,
how they treat people, and how the experience the world.

But mostly, it's just a lot of fun. Limitless, very unusual. With aliens

Spoiler for:
The storyline changes depending on your starting race and the choices of your childhood. Each race has two potential storylines, only
one is explored per playthrough.
Spoiler for:
1-    1 : Sirysian
        Sirysies are a marsupial species hailing from the Sol-Arinate region, built for strength and durability these towering predators are the brains and the brawn, and have long been considered one of the more dominant races of Felth. Their culture is heavily influcenced by art and expression and these genious tinkers apply the same teachings to many of their trades, their canyon-built cities works of art in themselves.
2-    2 : Tiphous
        Lithe and agile, the Tiphous are world renown for their architectual advancements and harsh -law- practices. Stigmatised as a race of meek scholars the Tiphous physical prowess shouldn't be underestimated, and many Tiphous use these misconceptions to their advantage.
3-    3 : Padumph
        Hailing from the cluster of volcanic islands off of ---- these small mammilians are adept hunters and tradesmen. Favouring ---  Padumph can often be seen as arrogant, and their political systems harsh and unforgiving.
4-    1 : De'ushk
5-    2 : Phoyuic
6-    3 : Skeeva - Blindsharks

7-    1 : Phidiae
8-    2 : Mahctefeth
9-    3 : Eipa
10-    4 : Guort

11-    1 :Corodites
12-     2 :Tarru
13-    3 : Dorphiyne
14-    4 : Legionaire
    All Terrain
15-    5 : Pisque
16-    6 : Dou Pa
Spoiler for:
███ What is "Felth"?
Felth is one of four life-bearing planets in the Adeous Cluster, and surprisingly is the second largest. Once possibly a thriving environ Felth now carries the stigma of being Adeaus' garbage heap, a fetid planet largely consisting of mold and rot, and all the associated refuse, societal or otherwise. Surrounded by a swathe of postapoc dead satelites, debris and ship wreckage it's clear from a distance that Felth isn't the most welcoming destination, often a fueling stop on the way to more interesting safe planets. Even Felth's clutter of moons, half destroyed, are an indication of the planets past strife.

███ What is the Adeous Cluster?
The Adeous Cluster, one of the largest galxies among it's neighbors, supports a variety of planets, moons and space anomalies that orbit Adeous' twin suns Piina and Kaata.. Its age is indeterminable, and many of its now dead planets indicate they once supported life, if only primative. Adeous' variety in landscapes and cultures make it a popular destination for many vacationers from the local galexies, most of which only support life on one or two of their planets, though the Adeous Cluster is not a particularly safe place for travellers. Hungry space bound organisms make sure of this.

███ The other Adeous Planets
The Adeous Cluster is home to a dozen planets, and half a dozen more moons. Countless settled asteroids and a swathe of anomalies and ancient ship wreckage leave plenty to explore. Not all of Adeous Planets have faired as well as Felth and Arden Fiea, the capital planet of Adeous, and many bear evidence of long forgotten calamities that chewed through it's surface much like Felth. At one stage Adeous may have been the most heavily populated galaxy among all documented, but that's merely speculation.

███ What about Felths Landscapes?
█ Natural Landscapes Above Sea Level
Felth's landscapes are as much a living, breathing being as the creatures that live upon it; a 'breathing world' that is ever moving, twitching, wriggling, like disemboided meaty organs pulsing and squirming to stimulus. Choking the skies with spores that move like rolling seas, the organic darkness keeps the surface blanketed in a hot damp atmosphere.

The weather itself is influenced by spore activity as much as wind and water, storms seaonally influenced by toxic spores or flaming sporocysts. Even the rain isn't always clean, and flooded fields of fungi turn to slimey dangerous swamps with unknown dangers hidden beneath indeterminable depth. Though that isn't to say all of Felth is entirely bog and swamp. Cold patches lend themselves to dry and icy tundras where craggy glowing lichen dominate every surface.

The deserts burn hot and fierce beneath Adeous' twin suns, but their landscapes are just as tangible, their scorching sands mixed so heavily with spores, dead and sleeping, that the slightest rainful awakens a boom of fleshy plantlife. Fungi and their symbiotic polyps are trully the dominant life forms on Felth, from high rising stinkhorns to algae covered seas, they dominate the entire planet, and beneath the water is no different.

Natural Landscapes Bellow Sea Level
From the afore mentioned seas of sludge to beautiful thriving reefs, beneath the coastline lies as much variety as the landscapes above, and is no less influenced by swathes of spores that darken the waters. Sessile organisms thrive in this environ and life adapts to accomodate the darkness with brightly glowing bioluminescence, and while the seas and lakes belong to thriving corals the fungi of the land have proven themselves just as adaptable. Flooding the seas with discoloured spores that take hold in stagnant water, it's just as common to stumble upon large bodies of murky water teaming with life and sludge, both harmless and toxic.

The resulting density of life underwater is a sight to behold, and its beauty rivals the lands above in their complexity and diversity. Few areas, even the ocean, share such likeness, and the waters shifting colours reflect this, forming their own visual boundries.

Structures Above Sea Level - By Evans
Almost every structure built on Felth follows these tenets.  Housing tends to be created from the very plants and fungi that encrust it’s surface. Large mushrooms and giant flora gave them many more resources for housing and safety, the world itself seeming eager to shelter them. Hollowed out pods are treated and built into walls, reinforced by the thick stems of the plant itself, and then protected by the giant shells of  dried melons, all of these parts cut and changed and utilised into a mass of exotic structures.

█ the unnatural landscapes.

Structures Bellow Sea Level - By Evans
Below sea level, calcite globes hang from the sides of  huge solid coral and shells, hollowed out and inhabited. The husks of gigantic and ancient sea monsters are hollowed out to become a apartment complex, windows glowing faintly into the murky blue. Oysters and clams the size of sheds are farmed enmass for their shells, the diamond hard calcium plating combined with solid stone, cold as the abyss it was mined from, to create great bulwarks that rise high above the abyssal plain, strong enough to even stand guard above the tide itself.

Many of the lighter structures float freely in the sluggish ocean currents, swaying like clusters of barnacles. Cities don't always need set directions, their lights, made by glowing plant life and creatures trapped in vats, the only thing visible for miles across the seabed.

Recently, trade embargos have been lifted, allowing open resource exchange between the land and ocean races, with electrical machinery finding it’s way into the deep, and the bizarre, organic technology the ocean races have used for aeons making it’s way into the light of the surface for the first time in decades.

█ the unnatural landscapes.

███ Who are Felth's Residents?
█ Aquatic
█ All-Terrain

███ The Flora
Above Sea Level
█ Bellow Sea Level

███ The Creatures
Above Sea Level - By Evans
Just as protozoa and fungi chew away at the decay of Felth, and bring new life in their stead, the beasts that inhabit it’s fungal caves and spore clogged skies consists largely of carrion animals. Insects of all kinds, with wildly varying physiology and intelligence, act as both hazard and ally to the sentient races carving out a living on Felth. Alongside them are a myriad of reptiles and therapsids, though the barriers between all three are thin at best.

Warm blooded beasts with hard chitin shells and eyeless heads trudge through the cilia-laced slush of the colder regions, venting steam from their shells into the chill air. Millipedes the size of ferrets lay across their owner’s shoulders, snacking on old fruit rinds from their owner’s proffered hand.

Flying beasts of all types roam the skies, from the swarms of moths dancing in a mating column, the glowing spots on their body just another fungus ensuring the survival of itself and it’s host, to the gas-bloated puffballs trailing its roots through the air like a smoke-shrouded medusa.

Bellow Sea Level - By Evans
Many more strange beasts roam within the uncharted sea, the water’s acidic to the touch, roiling with all kinds of strange and disturbing life. And much as the barrier between insect and mammal blur, there is barely a horizon between aquatic and orthologic life. The same strange jellyfish that roam the upper levels of Felth’s atmosphere start their lives in the sea, while many creatures, sentient or otherwise, live by the ocean-side, calling both the land and sea their home.

███ Where do the other Felthians come from?
█ Overland
█ Aquatic
█ All-Terrain

███ Felthian Technologies
██ Overview
Felthians are quite technologically lacking compared to their neighboring planets, but they are leaders in symbiotic and living organism technologies, their machines often amalgams of electronics and living tissue. These studies give Felthians the capabilities to cure most ailments, and combat new and unusual disease with ease. While most planets see their death tolls rise through illness, more residents are killed on Felth by unusual accidents or not reaching medical assistance quickly enough. In sad cases, due to affordability. Replacement limbs, newly grown organs a symbiotic fusions don't come cheap, and those who can't afford them simply go without.

Where there is a purpose, there is a vehicle to accommodate. Spider legged rovers, mecha fauna and hovering lungs all help the Felthians get around. Etc (Lots of hovercraft, ski bikes for fungal water bodies. All terrain pods, sky ships with many wings, etc)

██ Overview - By Evans
Felth is a world built on organic tinkering, with symbiotic organisms replacing much of the machinery that keeps life modern. External stomachs stretched between a transparent exoskeleton become churning vats of enzymes that extrude organo-plastic tools from complex spinnerets. Clusters of organ-beasts replace traditional engines, while lost limbs and body parts may be replaced with a creature wholly foreign to its host’s physiology. Your car will eat and your house will breathe.

It is a technology considered taboo by the other planets in the Adeous cluster, with willing hosts being viewed with as much trepidation as the symbiotic beings that cling to them. It is difficult to understand that the relationship held between Felthians and their organic hitchhikers is much more complex than host and parasite. It is one of pure symbiosis; one could simply not exist without the other.

█ Abhourite
Raw Abhourite is not considered a gemstone, rather a living substance that grows through cell division,
constantly mutating and multiplying. It requires no sustenance, and can displace itself across great
distances. Even minute fragments of Abhourite can and often will multiply over time. If left unattended it can
easily spread beyond control.

Abhourite is an immortal substance that does not die naturally, it can, however, be put into induced stasis
which, without it's ability to replicate, makes it usable as a very powerful energy source. By applying force
or utilizing electricity; Abhourite can be used to produce controlled effects related to it's vibrational output.

Applying force or energy to an active Abhourite crystal will cause rapid cell division, and often unpredictable
vibrational patterns. These patterns are categorized as MDC Effects [Moving] [Displacing] [Combining] though
Abhourite as a whole is still poorly understood, highly volotile and extremely dangerous.

The depletion of their vibrational energy only happens when Abhourite cells beging to die, which occurs during stasis
when axcessive energy comes in contact with the crystal itself. A lot of this energy is displaced, but for the minute
amount that disrupt the cell structure cell death is inevitable. Since Abhourite is incapable of repairing or multiplying
while in stasis the use of excessive energy to cause reactions will gradually kill the Abhourite completely.

This can be observed fairly easily, living fragments of crystal usually take on a mauve iridescent sheen, dead fragments
become dull coloured grit that breaks down and crumbles easily.

If the crystal isn't drained of energy before coming out of stasis the Abhourite has a short period of overdrive,
where it multiplies in a state of confusion, often giving the crystal bubbling, melting or oozing appearances.
Crystals in this state becomes more potent but the pulsing of vibrational fluctuations makes them infinitely dangerous.

Generally magium potency is directly correlated to size or mass, but this isn't always the case.

██ Abhourite - By Evans
Abhourite is one of the most powerful discoveries made in the last few years. A material that both compliments and contrasts strongly with its environment, Abhourite is an inorganic, amorphous material similar in appearance to glass that grows and spreads just like any of the other living things that dot Felth’s surface.

Its origin is entirely unknown, but it has two major uses.

One, when harvested and processed, it functions as an incredibly powerful energy source stronger than nearly anything else found on Felth. It allows the raw manipulation of matter and energy on a scale that almost seems to break the laws of physics, leading to it being banned in many systems. Despite this, it has become Felth’s number one export, with all sorts of shady companies showing interest in this wonder material. Shipments of the stuff are constantly hijacked and sold on the black market to the highest bidder for millions of dollars.

Two, when ingested, it imparts similar capabilities, with users able to manipulate organic matter as if it was clay, their bodies modified as they see fit. Wounds knit themselves rapidly and users find themselves able to run for hours on end without feeling fatigued. All this comes at a cost though. Users burn through calories at a unnatural rate, and Abhourite is dangerously addictive even on the first use. Repeated usage often leads to extreme cases of mutation, as well as mental degradation, with addicts having to eat constantly to sustain their capabilities, constantly in a state of pained euphoria as they wrap themselves and the world around them at a whim.

█ Medical
█ Industrial
█ Leasure
█ Living
█ Transport
███ About their Culture
█ Religion
█ Food and Drink - By Evans
The darkness and thick air of Felth robs its inhabitants of many senses, with sight and sound muted and dull. Feelings of scent and touch dominate, the subtle rumble of the earth or taste of copper on the tongue warning of an incoming spore bloom. The pheromones and textures of the world are more vital to life than any other senses, and this is reflected in the warm culture of Felth’s population.

The darkness they thrive in is dotted with glowing light, electric and bioluminescent, not fighting the dark but lighting the way for those looking for a warm place and a good meal. They find their place at the bottom, a world of refuse waiting to be reused, everything around them ripe for the taking. Fish, fungus, and crunchy insects are plucked from the wilds themselves or specially tended rot farms, with hydroponics making up the backbone of some of the more complex farming industries, large mold like fruits grown in fetid water.

Even raw, these foods are varied in texture, with soft and yielding mushrooms and slippery fungi giving off musky smells and bland tastes, to spiced cacti, with the crunchy textures of celery and the hot, citrusy flavors of melons and fruits, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. The large meaty bodies of beetles and worms are cooked and shared in a variety of ways, wings fried, legs boiled, the white meat served in soups of curdled green fungus juices.

The drinks are no different. There’s a treasure trove of cocktails, some created just for drinking, some with strange effects, all harvested from both animal and plant alike. The colours and smells of their fluids all mix together into a range of bizarre and surreal tinctures. There’s brightly glowing syrups that light up one’s belly, black sludges that shines a unknown color when put under a blacklight, murky liquids that constantly move and swirl, or thin, clear suspensions that hide the watery tendrils dangling from the still living pulp floating within.

In the wild, plants tend to drip with honey and nectars, both deadly and delicious. Even the insects the creep and crawl amongst the vegetation can be found bloated with sweet extract, abdomens translucent and shimmering with stored sugars, or bellies as clear as glass, the churning fluids inside tinted and tasted by decomposing fruits.

All of this is served up in dishes and cups often fashioned by the nature of Felth itself. Mugs like oblong pods are offered to the insectoid and long tongued nectar feeders, while round bowls with angled holes are given to the posh drinking dogs with their quick moving tongues and solid stares.

And just as Felth itself dulls the sight but promotes the tongue, the strange horror of these dishes hides nothing of their rich savory smells and mouth-watering tastes. Multi-cultural cuisine thrives here, with the ingredients of Felth finding their places in the recipes of old world dishes kept alive in the minds of the refugees who now find home in its bosom.

Sometimes, it’s dim environments can’t hide the bright, colourful display of neon worms fried curled up and fried around a kebab, or a fan of savory meats on display like paints on a pallet, all old dishes made new by the chef who plies their trade in food stalls hidden in the back alley of an old shanty town

█ Farming & Livestock
███ Forgotten Culture & The Fall
The fall was a cataclysmic event that nearly eradicated life on Felth, those who survived bunkered bellow ground or in obscure mountainous regions and over many thoasands of years evolved to adapt to their changing eco-system, bringing about sub-species of the fall survivors. Most of the pre-fall culture was lost but as modern technologies progress more and more bunkers containing lost knowledge are being discovered, bringing about a whole new genesis of teachings.
███ Felth Today

███  Interface Demo
Spoiler for:
Designed to let players explore the interface and its interaction with some basic features. A proof of concept prototype which will hopefully bring in feedback for core feature improvements that can then be carried on to the next step, the development of Goodnight Fungus.
███  Felth "Goodnight Fungus"
Spoiler for:
Goodnight Fungus follows Visk & Moorgat as they creep beyond their marsh city walls into the wilderness in search of food and wares for trade. Night finds them too quickly and being lost in the swamp has more dangers than the two are prepared for. Depending on the players choices Visk & Moorgat can make it back to safety or perish in their frantic attempts.
(Exploration of needs, inventory, status and battle)
███  Felth "No Sunrise"
Spoiler for:
The demo No Sunrise explores seven days of the life of eight year old Sirsian Sahli as she goes about her day to day routines in the small canyon settlement 'Dirtwater', a rural community facing a looming yet unknown threat. Entirely by accident Sahli finds herself noticing spine-tingling anomalies about her hometown, and after an unexpected accident Sahli takes it upon herself to find the real cause.
(exploration of time and social behaviors)
███ Felth "The Last Construct"
Spoiler for:
Sahli sleeps eternal, but she is missed by the Construct 'Arde'. Weary from their many lifetimes they make a deal with Lorsynth. A friend for a friend.
(exploration of movie scenes and story)
███  Felth "Hail Lorsynth"
Spoiler for:
A friend reborn dreams of their creator, warning from the future and secrets from the past, a lifetime played over a sixty year period from youth to old-age that speaks of the biggest changes and the things worth fighting for.

"It looks like your meatsuit is hungry,
meatsuits typically require nutrients
to maintain power, but you'll need to
be careful, some meatsuits have
adverse reactions to certain
substances. You can tell when your
meatsuit is hungry by the rumbling
of its stomach."

>> Cycles & Seasons
Spoiler for:
Time passes, characters age, the weather changes and the planet shifts as the years go by.

█Above Sea Level
Oronai : Wet/Rainy Season.
    Bashkmit, Pahox, Dornfa
Alorne : New Growth/Optimum
    Alforua, Manthus, Bimah
Ruruin : Hot/Dry Season,
    Nothahk, Hastmus, Dus
Fourn : Falling Leaves
    Bische, Muot, Bokuma
Lilefa : Snow/Bitter Chill
    Fischc, Frosk, Purak

Morntus - Tundias - Werdus - Thuspas - Fesdus - Sutidas - Esundas

    "Felth experiences seasonal shifts known as Al-Months."
"Due to it's tilt on an Axis, Felth experiences a shift in seasons year to year. This shift in seasons manifests as a string of severe weather patterns that plague either the Northern or Southern hemisphere, and alternates back and forth each year. These harsh conditions happen during Ruruin, Fourn, and Lilefa, as the planet's solar position and tilt favor one hemisphere to gain more mild seasons, while the other suffers the combined effects of celestial and global positioning. These harsh seasons have different results in various regions of the world."

Year One
Northern Hemisphere - Oronai, Alorne, Ruruin, Fourn, Lilefa
Southern Hemisphere - Oronai, Alorne, Al Ruruin, Al Fourn, Al Lilefa

Year Two
Northern Hemisphere - Oronai, Alorne, Al Ruruin, Al Fourn, Al Lilefa
Southern Hemisphere - Oronai, Alorne, Ruruin, Fourn, Lilefa

█Bellow Sea Level
Huwik : Rise/Overflow
Fo u Fo : Pollen & Spore Pollution/Dark Season
Kabao : Boils/Warm Currents
Hyan : Seeding/New Growth
Skif : Ice/Cold Currents
>> Worldly Interaction
Spoiler for:
The Action Bar
The action bar is a small interface popup that appears when any event has been initiated. It includes four icons that can be clicked to bring up a small menu of interactive choices.

Hand / Mouth Icon
    Instant activate, this triggers the events main/most obvious command. Opening doors, picking up an item, initiating a shop window, etc. The icon will change depending on the circumstances, a mouth for social interaction, a tool for skill useage, etc.

1 Converse
    The converse option is used to initiate the chat window or, for voice operated technologies; the input window. These both present the player with more specific interactive options and topic choices. These options will often change depending on the characters and the circumstances.

2 Inspect
    The inspect option opens the observation hud whick allows you to examine the event/item/npc in detail.  Things like broud scale examination, viewing parts, info connected to the atac, if an item is locked or trapped, etc. The examinable properties of an event will change depending on what it is, eg: when interacting with a NPC the options may include; examine features, clothing, mannerisms, facial recognition, threat & theft assesment, etc. While inspecting a harvestable might include assesment options for plant & fruit health.

3 Interact
    The interaction menu includes an aray of actions relevent to the event initiated. For social events it may trigger a physical scene, like a trade or a robbery, while a door would prompt; open, knock, pick, etc. Interact gives the player many options to utilise their stats and studies, inventory, party etc.

Base : Fist / Weight Icon
    Sometimes brute force is actually required, clicking the fist icon will open a menu of forceful actions, both physical and NPC agressive. Some of these options might include; Break, Force, Attack, Hit, Kick, Smash, Stab, Pry, Push, Pull, etc. Many of these options will rely on protag stats & study levels.
>> Obtaining Knowledge
Spoiler for:
Obtaining knowledge is critical to all manner of things in Felth, and there are many many ways you can go about aquiring it. Studying things in the field is a given, but reading and chatting about things can be just as valuable, sometimes even more so. Every map contains a trove of public and hidden information on locations, creatures and flora, and while it might not seem important to know whether your race is alergic to those berries you'll certainly be wishing you read that kids book 'yes berry no berry'. Your ATAC will also apreciate the extra time you take filling in empty or missing information, like the name of the location you're exploring or what kind of things to be careful to avoid. ATAC is very outdated, which means you'll need to fill in all his missing info until you can connect to the Hive-Mind (HM)

The game is designed to present you immense amounts of information, sometimes important, sometimes less so, and you'll be left to decide which is which. Filling in beatiaries before entering a new fungal forest or understanding oxygen levels in spore filled caves will help keep you alive, and on Felth most everything can, and likely will, kill you.
The player will find literature all over Felth, all of which has been fully realised as short stories, mini novels, lore ficklets etc.
    █Companion Modules
    █Field Knowledge
Usually obtained by interacting/examining something directly. The more the player is exposed to certain interactions the more likely they'll obtained field knowledge, which can be on anything found in Felth.
    █Study Knowledge
>> Farming & Foraging
Spoiler for:
█ Above Sea Level
    Planting & Harvesting
Most wild plants can be harvested, if not the whole thing than parts. In Felth clicking on a harvestable plant will give you options to take the whole plant or vital parts the player might need, like leaves, flowers, caps or fruits. No more waste products clogging up inventory space.

If the whole plant is taken, interacting from the inventory will present the same initial menu, allowing the player to disassemble the plant and either drop or keep waste products, such as stems, thorns, leaves or toxins.

These will perish in the inventory over several days, unless suitably stored or used. Plant scraps decay into decomposing plant matter, and will often combine with other decomposing matter, leaving players with a bunch of potentially toxic gunk that can be used a few ways, like in alchemy, or if you're ballsy, poisons cooking.

Fungiculture is another side of farming, but is it's own skill. Unlike general gardening or basic land-plot farming Fungiculture requires a few things to get started, like boxes, spores, etc, and is harder to perfect overall. Checking on mushrooms would require some handling, opening boxes or risking contamination, depending on the type of mushroom/fungus you're trying to grow. Pre-prep and not always obvious steps will make the harder levels of fungiculture more frustrating and rewarding, but might not always be viable for the adventurer without servants or assistants!

Being the most common form of farming in Felth Hydroponics takes the lead in farming skills, and while the more advanced setups are costly it's still as simple as growing rice in a field.
█ Bellow Sea Level
>> Wildlife, Pets & Livestock
Spoiler for:
Pets in Felth are designed to be thoroughly developed characters all their own, with randomised personalities, likes & dislikes, etc. Their role in gameplay varies depending on the species and personalities, even inteliigence levels come into play, and your pets, tamed wildlife and livestock are treated like any other NPC. Building rapor with them will unlock quests and their involvement in the storyline. Pets get ill and pets die, and these are treated with the same amount of sadness as losing a party member in a quest gone wrong. Your pets will have many opertunites throughout the game to surprise you, and jumping in the frey of a fight gone sour, and losing their lives to defend you, is just one of the positive & negative experiences generated at random by your choices and relationships.

Trapping & taming creatures encountered in the wilds is another diversion of this, from beating great beasts in a fight to luring in small Slaughs with salty mushroom treats, there are many ways to go about aquiring a new friend, for sale or for breeding. Traps and lure kits work in tandem with self constructed tools and nets, not everything is dumb enough to walk into a convientently placed box and you'll not only have to outsmart them, but take into account their strengths and weaknesses. Flamable nets don't work on fiery insects. Taming is another matter, wearing down an animals defence through fear or kindness and ensuring their needs are met (or withheld) are a few of the ways to go about it.

Having, raising and breeding  livestock can be very beneficial, they provide meats, milks, furs and all manner of harvestables, and for homes in wilderness or rural areas they can be the difference between survivng and starvation, it can even mean protection. Preca have sweet tasting milk, and they feed on Moushc who's tentacles have enough poison to take down a small family. Boltuff are gentle migrators until they feel threatened by strangers, and Kofi beetles have chitin perfect for building, and enough muscle power to take down any would-be predators. In this way raising livestock in certain biomes can ward off dangers and boost productivity.

Though it's impossible to breed two different species, crossbreeding sub-species is a great way to discover new or slightly altered resources, cute companions or vicious fighting beasts. It's isn't always as easy as locking compatible genders in a cage though, and players will have to study up or experiment on different biomes, food types and enclosure layouts. Interesting and rare breeds can also be sold, sometimes for a substantial profit. The harder the creatures are to breed, the higher the ending payout.
Spoiler for:
Courting, Dating, Romancing, Positive and Negative, LGBT Friendly
Varied Gender Identities and Sexual Preferences, Long & Slow Burns,
Adult & G rated content, Intimate Scenes, Multiple Romances, Cheating
& Poly Options.

Basic Needs
Spoiler for:
Hunger, Thirst & Energy
Bloated, Stuffed, Full, Fed, Peckish, Hungry, Famished, Starving, Ravenous, Malnourished, Emaciated
Quenched, Hydrated, Satisfied, Thirsty, Parched, Dehydrated.
(Lethargic, Well Rested, Overslept - Energy still WIP Concepts)

Spoiler for:
Recipes, Brewing, Specific Skills, Cooking Utensils, Ingredient Freedom.

Safe as Houses
Spoiler for:
Player Homes, Shops, Stalls, Portables & Camps
Buy and sell, trade and decorate, set up camp and enjoy the view.
Earn royalties & rent, keep on top of maintenance and repair.
Set up shop wherever you stop.

███  Locations
█ Land -54
Spoiler for:
>> . Nor-Talos - Multicultural
>> . Nor-Vilos - Multicultural
>> . Ohsk Mass - Padumph
>> . Civus - Legionaire
>> . Krean - Multicultural
>> . Vos Civus - Legionaire
>> . Vel-Ros - Phidiae
>> . Ush Daghou -
>> . Gin Mizu - Pa Pa Eou
>> . Evenuk - Multicultural
>> . Ko-Phi Dan - Sirysian
>> . Sorren - Multicultural
>> . Arkidos - Multicultural
>> . Baylfurd - Multicultural
>> . Sol-Arinate - Sirysian
>> . Alkidosh - Sirysian
>> . Phisol Ke - Sirysian
>> . Balf - Multicultural
>> . Vel Bino - Multicultural
>> . Hygurri - Mahctefeth
>> . Vida Cadol - Odaril
>> . Til Ick Mar- Drova
>> . Santi Gaol -
>> . Al-Phidose - Sirysian
>> . Veeta - Multicultural
>> . Sauran - Multicultural
>> . Hukdhem - Tiphous
>> . Barshraden - Tiphous
>> . Se-Bruno - Multicultural
>> . Tenimar - Multicultural
>> . Boshc-Inu - Multicultural
>> . Vel-Orus - Multicultural
>> . Boshc-Vina - Multicultural
>> . Se-Keduno - Multicultural
>> . Anondat - Sirysian
>> . Kaah Doh - Tiphous
>> . Bahkedan - Tiphous
>> . Tas-Met'r - Multicultural
>> . Kiuovid - Multicultural
>> . Nyhupta - Mahctefeth
>> . Sika Dari - Phidiae
>> . Pica Oma - Multicultural
>> . Kupor'c - Guort
>> . Hyask'kobi - Guort
>> . New Burland - Legionaire
>> . Vikstauv - Padumph
>> . Froskhaven - Padumph
>> . Skiphu - Multicultural
>> . Honee - Legionaire
>> . Hahk Adun - Multicultural
>> . Panghu - Multicultural
>> . K'Jajahyu - Phidiae
>> . Sanjumous - Multicultural
>> . Iika - Dorphyne
█ Water
>> .[/SIZE]
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