[VX] Weapon Ammunition

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I'm currently working on a game titled "Chaos Lineage". It's a steampunk game and I'll be focusing more on using guns and bolt type weapons (crossbows, harpoon guns, etc.) rather than the generic weapons used in most RPG's.

The script that I am requesting would have the player use the weapon (Air Rifle) and reduce the type of ammo (Armor Pierce Bullet) the gun uses by one or more (depending on if it is a normal attack or skill).

I've looked through tons of sites for a script like this and the only one I found was this https://grimoirecastle.wordpress.com/rgss3-scripts/gameplay-scripts/asagis-gun-license/ But it only appears to work for VXA. I would be extremely grateful if someone could create the script that I'm requesting or link to a site that I may have missed using the links here, google searches and even bing  :( Thank you.