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Over the years of RPGMaking, I've become aware of several screenshot scripts.  There is one that even takes shots of the entire map (though that one is for ACE).  I'm able to code a bit, but I've never really understood the way screenshots are taken, even after studying the afore-mentioned scripts.  I've come to the point in one of my projects, where I need a screenshot script of a specific type, and I've been unable to find one that will work, or that I can edit myself to do as I require it to.  Here's the gist of what I'm searching for:

-VX script (RGSS2)
-must take a screenshot, regardless of what scene the game's state is in (Like ModernAlgebra's does)
-must only take a shot of an 'area' of the screen, instead of the entire screen
-when activated, the system will take into account the arguments passed (x, y, width, height, directory), and set the screenshot area to those coordinates and dimensions
-once taken, the script must send the image of the area screenshot to a directory that is passed as the fifth argument

Basically, I could use a script call:

Code: [Select]
area_screenshot(20, 60, 200, 200, "Picture")

That example would take a screenshot of the screen area at x20, y60, be 200 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall.  It would then export the image taken to the 'Graphics/Picture' directory.

I have no preference if this is a new script or if it is an edited version of an existing script.  For instance, if you can take ModernAlgebra's script, and tweak it to allow for such a script call, then that would be fine.  In this case, credit would be given to both the original author and to the one who edited the script. 

I appreciate any assistance that I get on this request.
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