DoubleX RMMV Status Bars

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*      v1.00a(GMT 1700 16-9-2016):                                           
 *      1. 1st version of this plugin finished                               



Lets you use bars to show battler statuses on their sprites

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* @param isEnabled
 * @desc Sets whether this plugin will be enabled
 *       It'll be stored as a boolean, and will be regarded as true if and only
 *       if it's true
 *       Don't change this during the same battle unless you really know what
 *       you're truly foing
 *       E.g.: Setting isEnabled as false will disable this plugin
 * @default true

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*    # Actor/Class/Weapon/Armor/Enemy/State Notetags:                       
 *      State notetags take the highest priority, followed by enemy, weapon, 
 *      armor, class and actor                                               
 *      1. <status status bar: SBX>                                           
 *         - Sets the battler to setup a status bar of status using           
 *           configurations set in function name SBX, which can only be edited
 *           in this plugin js file directly                                 
 *         - status must be included in STATUSES, which can only be edited in
 *           this plugin js file directly                                     
 *         - E.g.:                                                           
 *           <hp status bar: HP> will set the battler to setup a hp status bar
 *           using configurations set in HP, which can only be edited in this
 *           plugin js file directly                                         
 *         - Only the 1st effective notetag among all having the same status 
 *           will be used(Reference tag: NOTETAG_MONO)                       

Plugin Calls
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*    # Configuration manipulations                                           
 *      1. $gameSystem.statusBars.param                                       
 *         - Returns the stored value of param listed in the plugin manager   
 *         - E.g.:                                                           
 *           $gameSystem.statusBars.isEnabled will return a Boolean indicating
 *           whether this plugin's enabled                                   
 *      2. $gameSystem.statusBars.param = val                                 
 *         - Sets the stored value of param listed in plugin manager as val   
 *         - E.g.:                                                           
 *           $gameSystem.statusBars.isEnabled = false will set the stored     
 *           value of parameter isEnabled shown on the plugin manager as false
 *         - All $gameSystem.statusBars.param changes will be saved           
 *    # Actor/Class/Weapon/Armor/Enemy/State notetag manipulations           
 *      1. meta.statusBars[status]                                           
 *         - Returns the function name SBX for String status specified in     
 *           <status status bar: SBX> if there's any                         
 *         - E.g.:                                                           
 *           $dataStates[1].meta.statusBars[hp] will return the function SBX 
 *           specified in <hp status bar: SBX> notetag of state with id 1     
 *      2. meta.statusBars[status] = SBX                                     
 *         - Sets the String status in <status status bar: SBX> notetag to use
 *           the function with name SBX which is a String                     
 *         - E.g.:                                                           
 *           $dataEnemies[2].meta.statusBars['mp'] = 'MP' will set the SBX   
 *           specified in <mp status bar: SBX> notetag of enemy with id 2 as 
 *           MP                                                               
 *         - All meta.statusBars changes can be saved if                     
 *           DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Data is used                               
 *    # Battler manipulations                                                 
 *      1. isStatusBarChanged[status] = true                                 
 *         - Notifys the status status bar of the battler to use a new       
 *           configuration object                                             
 *         - It'll be reset as false once a new configuration object's used   
 *         - E.g.:                                                           
 *           $gameParty.aliveMembers()[0].isStatusBarChanged['tp'] = true will
 *           notify the tp status bar of the battler to use a new             
 *           configuration object                                             
 *    # Status bar manipulations                                             
 *      1. new Window_Status_Bar(battler, status)                             
 *         - Creates a new status bar showing the status status of battler   
 *           battler                                                         
 *         - E.g.:                                                           
 *           new Window_Status_Bar($gameTroop.aliveMembers()[0], 'hp') will   
 *           create a new status bar showing the hp status of the 1st troop   
 *           member                                                           

DoubleX RMMV Status Bars

1. Nothing special for most rudimetary use cases
2. Little RMMV plugin development proficiency for most ordinary uses
3. Some RMMV plugin development proficiency to fully utilize this

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* You're supposed to open this plugin js file to edit its configurations
 * The default plugin file name is DoubleX RMMV Status Bars v100a
 * If you want to change that, you must edit the value of
 * DoubleX_RMMV.Status_Bars_File, which must be done via opening this plugin
 * js file directly

Terms Of Use
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*      1. Commercial use's always allowed and crediting me's always optional.
 *      2. You shall keep this plugin's Plugin Info part's contents intact.   
 *      3. You shalln't claim that this plugin's written by anyone other than
 *         DoubleX or my aliases. I always reserve the right to deny you from
 *         using any of my plugins anymore if you've violated this.           
 *      4. CC BY 4.0, except those conflicting with any of the above, applies
 *         to this plugin, unless you've my permissions not needing follow so.
 *      5. I always reserve the right to deny you from using this plugin     
 *         anymore if you've violated any of the above.                       

DoubleX RMMV Status Bars