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"Tell me...
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Spoiler for Story:
Circumstance is a funny thing, isn't it?

A facility lost to the ages, somewhere in time, on complete lockdown. Spilling forth from cryogenic preservation pods, its four chief -- and only, it would seem -- inhabitants, yearn to remember the world outside and the world they came from. In their attempts to escape, they discover a series of cards and a simulator.

Each card they discover paves the way to another horizon within the simulator, another time, another place, telling another story about the world and the civilization they came from -- its foundations, its rise, and its inevitable fall. But these bring questions. What are the purposes of these enigmatic cards? Who were they intended for, and were they to teach, or were they to remember?

In their journeys through the facility, as more and more of its labyrinthine corridors unfold before them, more cards will be discovered by these four survivors. And with each card, more and more about the world they came from will become apparent. But...

Before they can leave, they must learn.

Before they can leave, they must remember.

Spoiler for Characters:

"The Fool" (Name player-determined)
The main character is an enigma. Young and impressionable, his memory is the most heavily affected by the cryogenic preservation procedures. Unsure of his surroundings, the events unfolding, and at times, his companions, the main character is an introvert haunted by something he does not fully understand, and whose motives and decisions are there to be made, in part, by you, the player. That said, suffice it to say that his history and the nature of the memory cards dotted around the facility are perhaps more intertwined than is first apparent.

Magnus is an optimistic man. Worldly and charming, though by first impressions a large and intimidating man, he is caring and talkative through from the best to the worst of times. He's the first companion the player meets and the least affected by the memory haze of the cryogenic preservation, but still unsure about elements of his past and the exact timeline he's on. In his past life, it emerges quickly that Magnus was the boisterous leader of a mercenary company of some kind. Make no mistake; Magnus' skills, strength and experience are a quintessential necessity both inside and outside of the simulations in the facility, and he is a steadfast companion to the player.

The second character to awaken in the facility, Purity is a shrewd and realistic woman whose life and mannerisms exude balance. A civil servant or member of the legal system in times past -- the specifics are vague, even to her -- her intelligence lends its own utility, but her emotional ability to remain level-headed and calm makes her invaluable to the party during times of duress. Her quiet, tempered willpower and ability to reason with Magnus and Voltaire are some of her most undeniably useful traits; though she is not without her use on the battleground. Muscle memory dictates that purity is skilled in close-range martial arts and with improvised weaponry, be it anything from a piece of iron piping laying around down to her very own fists.

The third and final inhabitant of the facility the party comes across, Voltaire is a skeptic through and through. A skilled hunter or tracker of some kind, Voltaire takes his moniker from the French philosopher famed for his wit, something he's not in short supply of. Whilst at times his cynicism can wear very thin with the other three members of the party, it can also provide an edge of logical scrutiny that is undoubtedly helpful when it comes to solving the facility's puzzles and uncovering more memory cards. Voltaire is far from useful when it comes to any kind of close-range melee combat, but behind any kind of ranged weapon, his mastery becomes swiftly apparent.

Spoiler for Features:
- Rich, narrative driven anachronistic experience, spanning a story 250,000 years in the making.
- Mature and believable relationships between a dynamic cast, the approval and disapproval of any given companion changing based on player decisions.
- Immersive experiences across a series of settings in the simulated levels
- The chance to learn the full story of the world Arcana is set in by exploring simulated levels across 22 separate memory cards, all based on the Major Arcana of a tarot deck
- A number of puzzles provided within the facility, mixed in with the classic side-scrolling RPG experience when the party enters the simulations, requiring scrutiny within both kinds of gameplay to advance through the story
- Episodic releases to keep you good people entertained and on the hook for more Arcana

Spoiler for Creator Notes:
- None yet. This project is in infancy -- and as such I'm looking for any and all suggestions and help
- My Skype ID is boom-its-ross -- and I'm welcoming suggestions
- Credits to Marcus for continued assistance with story and thematics.
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