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Super Liffum RPG is a new challenging RPG that tries to be like an interactive anime as well as making the world as interactive as possible. The old demo is on the old post on the RM2003 version. There isn't a demo for the new version just yet. I planned to release a demo this summer but I don't think that will be a possibility. So instead I'm going to have to release maybe during October. I just want people to know that Liffum is still relevant.

A long time ago a man and his wife had a baby they named their baby Firmo, they lived happily for a while until a storm hit their village forcing them to move, for a while they searched for a home until they came across a village called Rustrub Village. They had made friends with the community. Firmo grew up with his friends Maystar and Maxwell.
Firmo's 11th birthday is coming up. Everyone is looking forwards to Firmo's Birthday. During a babysit with Maystar, she tells Firmo of a rumor about a Strange Man who was seen around the village. After Firmo's Mom comes home they decide to go to the park, after relaxing in the park, the Village Guards inform them of the Strange Man being seen around the park, so they decide to see Maxwell who was having a panic attack due to spilling a cup of water. Maxwell was always very intense  and on edge over the littlest of things. Maystar tells Maxwell that everyone makes mistakes and pretends to make a mistake of her own to help comfort Maxwell.
After that they find the Strange Man infront of Maxwell's house. The man was very hungry. Maxwell is relunctant to feed him until Maystar convinces him to make him a sandwhich. After they feed him the man reveals himself to be a Buttler who lost his memory. He calls himself Ambiht, and due to Maystar and her friends kindness he decides to devote himself to Maystar and her friends. To celebrate they have a picnic in Melancholy Forest where Ambiht is shown to use Alchemy Orbs to make things appear like Tables and Tea Cups. Maxwell who reads a lot explains that Alchemy Orbs are used to transmute magic since magic itself is illegal due to the implications of Human Sacrifices. Maystar says she doesn't care about Magic or Alchemy.
Ambiht has vague memories of watching people perform Human Sacrifices.....

(Story Notes: A long time ago I always dreamed of an anime as I fell asleep, In this project with the access of making my own anime characters instead of the default ones I can more easily realize that anime I dreampt a long time ago. I always dreamed of making an anime that felt very old some how and very classical. I used memories of old locations I only ever visited once as inspiration as well as old 90s Childrens Programming as inspiration as well and of course a lot of anime and my own life experiences. I'm hoping to create a very heart warming and light hearted experience that can even be scary and disturbing at times and I'm really hoping to create a deep experience with the Story and Gameplay that won't be forgotten.)

Main Characters

Firmo: Firmo is an 11 year old boy who's personality is very strange to people. His personality is largely based on the player. (Likes: Exploring) (Dislikes: Boredom)
(NOTES: None Yet)

Maystar: Maystar is a 16 year old girl who is very energetic and optimistic. She is can often be interpited as being a tomboy due to her loves of sports and preferring to hang out with guys rather than girls. She also prefers boy things over girls such as Action Figures and the Heroes Trading Card Game. Although she keeps her femininity, she loves flowers, likes to wear dresses because it reminds her of a flower blooming and is afraid of bugs. She has a very strong belief in God. (Likes: Outdoors) (Dislikes: Sadness)
(NOTES: Maystar won't do actions that are morally wrong.)

Maxwell: Maxwell is 16 years old. He is very smart but can be very intense and impulsives if something is bothering him. Some people thinks he is insane and are afraid of him but he is also very kind and caring. Maxwell also will do a lot of things he feels like doing with out caring what other people think about him. Maxwell does not have a lot of self awareness. (Likes: Routines) (Dislikes: Change)
(NOTES: Maxwell's Morality can be changed just like Firmo's)

Ambiht: Ambiht is 31 years old. He is very calm and happy. He can sometimes be in his own world, even hallucinating that he is talking to people who aren't there. He really enjoys his job, and doesn't even consider it a job. More than anything he likes, Maystar, Firmo and Maxwell. (Likes: His job) (Dislikes: Breaks)
(NOTES: Ambiht will do anything Firmo says without hesitation.)

Screen Shots

After a short intro you will have to pick Firmo's Class.

Which class you pick will change Firmo's Backstory.

Each class has some extra stats.

You can even choose Firmo's Last Name

Through out several points in the game you will have to make decisions. Some don't affect a whole lot... Or do they?

You have a lot of ways to interact with NPCs.

Here you can ask about a lot of things. Every response the NPCs give are randomly picked from 1 out of 3 possible responses.

When you ask about a rumor, you may get a Topic which you can ask other NPCs about.

You can interact with almost anything you see.

There are a lot of books to read which all have their own unique features.

Reading joke books will allow you to tell Jokes. Unlike most topic which you can use an unlimited number of times, Jokes will run out as you tell them.

Here are some topics you can use.

Usually your reputation will increase or decrease as you tell Jokes depending on your personality skill but Maystar likes you so much that she is finds it funny anyways.

You can change Maystars class.

Maystar's Backstory will change too depending on her class.

Many options will be available to you.

More options

You have many ways to interact with you party at all times.

You can talk to your party at any time.

Maystar will say different things just by choosing talk. Right now she can say up to 25 Different things.

And you will have to give her some feedback

The conclusion of the talk process.

In stealth mode you can pick pocket NPCs. But only if they aren't facing your direction.

You can ask Party Members to Pick Pocket for you.

Though only if they feel like it. Perhaps if your relationship with this character was high enough?

Before talking to anyone new, you will always have to introduce yourself.

print screen

Coming soon