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Level 85
BM MV Shop
Author: Blackmorning

* Version 1.10: 2017-Feb-23
*- added info from YEP-ShopCore
* Version 1.00: 2016-Jun-03
* - Finished plugin!

 * - Decide what parameters to show/compare (using symbols in table below)
 * - parameter percentage added directly to comparison
 * - Customize layout of shop
 * - added information on items, equipment
 * - choose between special single actor or group comparison
Spoiler for:

Terms of Use
Any scripts made by Blackmorning is free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games. Donations are welcome if using for commercial games, but I will not ask for royalties and such if you choose to use my scripts in your commercial games
(NOTE: I would love to be able to get a free copy of your game:-).
Credit with Blackmorning84 and a link to
Editing these scripts is perfectly okay as long as you still provide proper credit. (good luck with that, maybe throw me a line to let me know what you changed, it might be beneficial for others)[/img][/img]
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Very cool! o.o I might be using this in the future for my project. I LOVE the ability to change what parameters show up! :ladyj:
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Level 85
MV shop update to include information from YEP-ShopCore.
Sorry for the long absence, but I'm gonna try and get back in on this.
MV shop
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