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Hi there!

First than nothing I'd like to clarify things. This is not a rookie asking for staff; I'm currently developing a game, a big project I had in mind and I started to materialize it a few days ago with a small group of artists. Below, you will have a quick game description and the staff I'm currently asking for.

The elders Legacy: VIKINGS is a temporary name for the game (It could be the final one), it's just for now.

This will be a sandbox RPG, it means that the player will have the possibility of playing the game in a non-linear way, it means that you can play the story missions or make side quests, secondary activities, travel wherever you want (among continents) or different lands.

I've several months investigating about the ancient viking culture, society, religion/mythology and history. To put all that together and tell the vikings story and mythology (Which is VERY interesting) and turn it into a very fun game where you can not only have A LOT OF FUN, but you can learn about this wonderful culture.

Features implemented so far:

* Quest Journal
* Reading books (Viking/Mythology terminology, interesting facts, clues, puzzles, real story texts and much more...)
* Dynamic battle System: The most advanced and realistic battle system so far. You can fight with enemies in real time, with your character and attack (Melee, ranged, magic), use a shield to block the enemies attacks, jump, run, and much more (All this is visual).
* Purely Parallax Maps: The game is being developed with this beautiful way of creating detailed and immersive maps.
* Dynamic Lightning.
* Custom artwork made by our artists.
* You are capable of traveling among continents with vikings boats.

Staff Needed:

Sprites artist (1): We need a person capable of creating Mack-styled characters (Two tiles) compatible with RPG Maker VX/Ace, as barbarians, vikings, imperial soldiers (Once you invade England and France on game) and how we want those characters.

Mappers (1): People experienced in the parallax mapping field.

Programmers (2): People capable of creating advanced scripts.

Writer (1): Someone with the skill of creating good stories/dialogues, with an excellent grammar. (Since we are not english native speakers, we need someone to help us with dialogues and more)

These have to show us a piece of their work so we can see if it fits in our project.

With nothing more to say I hope to find those members of staff to materialize this (I know it will be) AMAZING project. Thank you for taking your time and reading this post!
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