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Level 27
Mr. Trivel
Name: Popups
Version: 1.3
Author: Mr. Trivel
Created: 2016-02-19

What does it do?
Shows popups on item/gold get. Or custom ones on demand.




How to use?
Everything is set up using Plugin Commands.
And we have a couple of those:
CreatePopup [Icon Index] [Icon Allignment] [Text]
StopPopups - disables popups
StartPopups - enables popups

Icon Index - index of the icon to show, 0 to not show any
Text - text to show, can use escape characters like \n[1]
Icon Allignment - is icon onon Left or Right side of the popup, left by default

CreatePopup 23 left Reputation +\v[20]
CreatePopup 17 right Memories gone

Plugin: <GitHub>
How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As.

Terms of Use:
Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin.
Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project.
Free for non-commercial projects.
For commercial use contact Mr. Trivel.
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Level 27
Mr. Trivel
Version 1.2
 - Crash fixes.

Version 1.3
 - Fixed StopPopups command.
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