Pickboard - Lotto Type Item Picking

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Mr. Trivel
Name: Pickboard
Version: 1.0
Author: Mr. Trivel
Created: 2016-02-16

What does it do?
Allows players to pick rewards from a board of tiles and costs some currency - be it gold or items.


Setting up multiple different sized boards.
Rewards ranging from nothing to items/weapons/armor or gold. Any amount of it.
Resetting the board without having to re add all rewards.
Saving is board completed state to a Switch for eventing use.

How to use?
Everything is set up using Plugin Calls.
We have the following ones:
Pickboard Start [Board ID] [X] [Y] - creates empty board with X Y dimensions
Pickboard Reset [Board ID] - resets board of ID to empty state
Pickboard IsComplete [Board ID] [Switch ID] - Saves answer to a switch
Pickboard AddReward [Board ID] [Type] [ID] [Amount] [Tiles] - Adds rewards
Pickboard SetPrice [Board ID] [Type] [ID] [Amount] - Picking isn't free, right?
Pickboard Enter [Board ID] - go the scene with pickboard of ID
[Board ID] - ID of the board you're changing
[X] - Width of the board
[Y] - Height of the board
[Switch ID] - ID of the switch to save board's state
[Type] - a, w, i, g - armor, weapon, item, gold
[ID] - ID of item, if [Type] is gold -- then ID is irrelevant
[Amount] - How much should be reward if adding it or taken if setting price
[Tiles] - How many tiles on board has this reward
Example of calls:
Pickboard Start 3 5 5
Pickboard Reset 3
Pickboard IsComplete 3 173
Pickboard AddReward 3 a 4 1 5
Pickboard AddReward 3 g 0 1000 10
Pickboard AddReward 3 i 1 5 7
Pickboard SetPrice 3 i 5 1
Pickboard Enter 3
Sample pickboard setup from video:


Plugin: <GitHub>
How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As.
Image files: <MediaFire>

Terms of Use:
Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin.
Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project.
Free for non-commercial projects.
For commercial use contact Mr. Trivel.