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The story follows the painful journey of a young herbalist who is afraid of violence.

All he ever wanted is a peaceful life with his father in Paula Village.

However, life can be cruel, as circumstances push him into the world of lies, betrayals and… violence.

The only thing that keeps him alive is love! Love helps him to survive and overcome countless obstacles on his adventure.

Sometime a hero can create circumstances. Sometime circumstances can create a hero. He will be learning, improving, maturing and becoming stronger as he is growing up to the task...

Gameplay features

✓ A lot of tools and gadgets to explore secrets and find treasures. Ex: Bombs, shovel, magical crystals and stones, treasure maps, animal traps.

✓ Event-based Lock-picking systems. This episode features a simple system. Other episodes will features more complex systems.

✓ A more diverse and non-linear boulder system for puzzles. You need some strength to push the boulder. You'll need more strength to pull it.

✓ Event-based Day & Night system (In progress...)

✓ Two simple event-based Quest systems. One for Story Quests and one for Side Quests.

✓ A more realistic script-based Party management system.

✓ Special treasure chests that require special tokens.

✓Random cheat codes at the end of the game final credits for multiple play through (for this episode). Other episodes will features a script-based New Game Plus (+) system.

✓ Fun minigames to collect your treasures. Ex: Racing, riddles solving.

✓ Grinding is not necessary for level advancement. However, there are grind areas if you want to grind. Grinding is boring!

✓ Simple event-based mining system and gathers natural resources.

✓ Simple event-based jumping and climbing systems.

✓ Script-based side-view battle system with visible opponents. No forced random encounters. No invisible monsters. More aggressive beasts is going to chase you down. The bandits of course will approach you. Other less aggressive opponents will leave you alone, unless you’re the one who start the battle.

✓ A more realistic spoils system. You won't see a hero walks into a man/women's house, opens a chest and takes the gold away right in front of him/her. Beasts and some monsters don't drop gold. I mean, why would a wolf carry around gold? How could it carry gold, anyway? :D In this game, they drop body parts, instead. You can sell body parts for some quick cash or save it to built weapons/armors.

You won’t see chests in a public place and people around doesn’t bother to open it. You won’t see chests in a jungle, desert. There are other types of reward. We’re trying to make it a bit more realistic.

✓ Shaola features a loosely classes system. The game focuses on characters, every character is unique and different from each other, depends on their figure, appearance, schools, profession, orientation and career path, as well as fighting style and cultural background.

Also, weapon usage in this game will be more flexible and realistic. Sword used to be the most common weapon. Hunters in the medieval ages are very good at melee combat. So, we think it would make more sense for hunters to be able to use melee weapon.

You don't need to do any complex mathematical calculation on each class or grind it out to advance to higher levels. All you need to do to conquer this game is to be careful with each decision from the multiple choices, looks out for quests and secrets, managing your money wisely and using your skills, potions and items precisely. And please don't forget to saves the game, especially before each important event. :)

We try to make this game and our upcoming games unique and different. We make many small tweaks to make it different from other previous RPG Maker games and hopefully better experience for you.

✓ Good replay value. Multiple endings. Multiple dialogues depends on various game progress and party member availability.

The endings will be decide by many variables, including multiple choices and subtle triggers. For examples: When you go out of your house in the morning, who did you go to see first? Which house did you go to first? After you got the quest to gather the party, which party member will you come to see first?

✓ We focus on the growth of the characters, not only on levels and skills but also intelligent, maturity, confidence, mental toughness. Not only on game parameters, but also on the changing of personality over time. So, the story, plots and dialogues must be managed carefully.

More valuable “Guard” option during battle. No longer useless, now it's become a useful tactical option. In fact, in some tough battles you’ll have to “Guard” 95% of the time. Plays the game to find out! (Hint: Focus on Victor in the ealier stages of the game.)


There are 2 types of character: Story characters and mercenaries.

Story characters relate to the main plots and storyline. While mercenaries are characters that is not really relate to the story. It's beneficial but not necessary to find and hire them to add to your team. This is similar to the "Story Quests and Side Quests" concept.

Meet the story characters:

Eli is a herbalist with a pure heart. He does not like to study magic and is afraid of violence. His life is filled with hardships, ups and downs. The only thing that keeps him going is Love.

He wishes to stay in his village forever. But many unforeseen circumstances push him into a world of wars and chaos. It also forces him to “grow up” over time. At the end of the journey, he had transformed into an alpha male, a champion, a great leader.

But before he reached that status, he must face countless challenges. He got set up and framed by a person that he trusts with all his heart. He became the #1 public enemy. He fights and defends himself against other so called “heroes”. All he does is trying to survive.

Naomi is a beautiful priestess in Paula Village. When the villagers think of beauty and kindness blends together, they think of Naomi. She and Eli are childhood friends. Pure and gentle, she helps her team by casting amazing defensive magic.

Belle is an attractive huntress with a low key personality. She is Naomi’s neighbor and a close friend of both Naomi and Eli. She’s like a big sister to them. After Belle got married in an awkward pre-arranged marriage, something big happens that change her life forever.

Victor is a strong muscleman. Like his family name (Strong), he is strong both physically and mentally. He can be over confident sometime. Occasionally, he would say things that pissed people off. He is the best fighter in Paula Village.

A good friend of Eli, he took Eli under his wing and protects him from bullies and monsters. However, later on, he cannot accept the fact that Eli is better than him. His perception and treatment of Eli is slowly changing when his role of a “big brother” is no longer meaningful.

Yanmi is a female martial-artist in Zu Mountain Academy. Somewhat a tomboy, she hates evil things and does not shy away from any battle. A classmate of Eli, she always has warm feelings for him.

The world of Shaola (setting)

The world of Shaola includes 1 empire (Zenman), 8 kingdoms (Martia, Ankania, Amazail, Zuda, Kazen, Zokang and Greendom), 1 republic (Aquilon), 25 other factions, 4 main races (Human, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs). The setting of this episode is mostly in Zokang Kingdom, one of the two far-east kingdoms in Everland.

The main factions:

I. Zenman Empire, the largest and one of the oldest nations in the land.

II. Martia Kingdom, a nation of war and violence.

III. Ankania Kingdom, an old kingdom that formerly a rival to the Zenman Empire.

IV. Amazail Kingdom, deceptively the strongest and the most powerful nation.

V. Zuda Kingdom & Kazen Kingdom, together, these two small kingdoms formed an alliance called "Southern Double Alliance". They feeds of each other and watching each other's back.

VI. Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom, Zokang Kingdom and Green Kingdom (common usage: Greendom) is located on Everland, an island on the Eastern Sea, southeast of the continent.

They have unique culture and custom. The islanders dress differently from the mainland people. Therefore, the mainlanders called them The Weirdos of the Far East.

VII. Republic of Aquilon, the most civilize and technological advance nation in the world.


Spoiler for:


A big thank you to the following community members for their awesome, awesome resources...

Spoiler for:

Animations (including sound effects):

Ksi (RPG Maker Community DLC)
Matthew Ashworth

Avery (Member+ Resource Packs)

The Infamous BonBon (RPG Maker Community DLC)

Additional Graphics:
Pandamaru (RPG Maker Community DLC)




Weather effects:

Additional gameplay:
Black Mage (burningwizard)


“The Tea Garden, Bloodlust” Aaron Krogh (soundcloud.com/aaron-anderson-11)

“Theme03 (RPG Maker XP RTP audio remix)” Levi Stepp

“A Few With Hope, How Nice” Megan Murphy (Ms Littlefish) (soundcloud.com/mslittlefish)

_________________________________________________________________________________________ ______

Developer: Smiling Dragon RPG Studio
Engine: Enterbrain
Cost: Free
Rating: All ages
Download (RTP is not required to play) : version 0.2.1 (Speedyshare)
Blog: http://projectshaola.blogspot.com
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Is this a complete project? :)
If so I can move it to the full game section.

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No it's not completed yet. It's still in the early development stage. I have changed the title to make it clearer. Thanks  :)

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ok. :)
I'll definitely check out the demo when I have time.
Good luck on your journey.

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Edo-Japan influence?

This project looks pretty neat ;o
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Thanks, you'll enjoy it. :blizj:


Yeah, it's Oriental/Japanese influence because the setting of this episode mostly taken place in Zokang kingdom, 1 of the 2 far-east kingdoms in Shaola series. The other far-east kingdom is Greendom, it will be Native Americans influence. The mainland with all the elite powerhouses fighting each other will be Medieval Western influence.