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some of these are trash, some are kinda good, i just thought i'd dump them all here for no particular reason. i guess i haven't really shared any of this stuff with you guys, let alone anyone else really. some of these were written like two years apart, so there's some very different iterations of my mind writing these. sorry for the emo ones lol

Spoiler for:
both just young when we met
he grew up much faster than me
we've seen both the good and the bad
that's what happens when you're family

he would pick one fight too many
we always said he had his back
the main in white said he would be alright
he always returned for a second attack

there's a new hero in town
and he lives on manchester road
his brother lives on the ground
and his sister's in the clouds
he came to me with fights and love
this one's for charles

it came as such a monumental shock
he was the age all rock stars die
we all had one last day
i wanted more than one last day

he went peacefully without protest
i wish they got to see their boy
he lived a happy life without regret
only ever a bundle of joy

your hero's gone to sleep
he'll always be on manchester road
he's joined his brother in the ground
his sister's still in the clouds
he came to me with fights and love

towards the end of his life, he became a wreck
they say the boy was born noose 'round the neck

what do you do
when your best friend's gone for good
i think i'll sleep it off
just like he would

Spoiler for:
a blur in the distance
can't see very far
in spite of my persistence
i can't tell what you are

don't forget what i was
cause i might lose my mind
consistently nervous
i'm slowly going blind

say goodbye to my kin
i hope you go on safe
farewell to your soft grin
i said i would be brave
but it gets hard

my eyes are giving in
my eyes can't see you smile
my eyes can't face the sin
and they're slowly giving up

white lines
Spoiler for:
white lines
bloodshot eyes
broken sighs
out of time

still in your prime
never works the first time
just a flip of a dime
if you're so inclined

we've never tasted happiness
not for lack of trying
you can close your door and lock me out
but i still hear you crying

white lines
bloodshot eyes
pins and needles down the spine
i can see through your disguise

gastric butterflies
demons exercise
shoulders heave high
not saying goodbye

we've never tasted happiness
god knows we were trying
you can close your door and lock me out
i'll always hear you crying

we've cut the cord and said our prayers
but destiny still blankly stares
at you
at me

Spoiler for:
passing through the house you shared
marble walls, empty halls
lost attempts at erasing pasts
thought you knew him better

you dragged him on the pop-singed dancefloor
marble walls, disco balls
you knew he'd sipped the devil's water
but you let him kiss you under the dancing lights

there's a beauty deep inside you
you know he longs to meet her
but for all the poor boy knows
pain's kiss is much sweeter

a black gloss dress and hypnotic eyes
time made a local concession
some things aren't worth a memory
but that's no way to heal

there's nowhere else to go
he doesn't want to go
there's nowhere else to go
you know you shouldn't go

Spoiler for:
can't blame you for making me wait
after all, our time is borrowed
i'm tired of letting destiny dictate
but i guess i'll find you tomorrow

no point breathing this air
the atmosphere is made of sorrow
your absence is some kind of nightmare
i guess we'll meet some time tomorrow

Spoiler for:
a week or two of happiness
until the muses have their way
a quest to stay anonymous
hidden truths you'll never say

a seductress' pair of eyes
and she won't ever run away
conspiring your demise
armed forces gone astray

and here's some haikus, little snippets or just couplets that i haven't used yet :)
Spoiler for:
when the game is done
the kings, the queens and the pawns
all in the same box

to avoid conflict
i force myself to recall
that i once loved you

lost within her eyes
i seem to be forgetting
the devil within

a world in greyscale
morals are just conventions
good, bad, all just words

forever asleep
breaking away from the earth
we've always been dead

(that's it for haiku)

they'll see it's a phase
but boy, i know you better

don't be a stranger, or do
this one's on you

it's always five o'clock somewhere
but nobody wants to drink with me

she said 'i love you'
but i loved smooth jazz and money and not her

woe is not me
it is you

they shared a midnight bliss in the pouring rains

there's a tinge of britain in the way she speaks

his harmonies grew ever dissonant
and you were looking for a cadence

you embarrass me
can you find a new brother

thanks for reading, if you did.

i am satin die lol
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Ooh I like your writing, sir. ;] I'm a sucker for slick rhymes~
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