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I've seen requests for this system before but no one seemed to grasp the concept of it, or had anything scripts that worked for it.
I am working on a Paper Mario game and there is a system that would be pretty hard to event. And I have no idea how to go about making this script. If there's anyone here that has knowledge on how to make menus and a small points system, you'd be of great help! Wiener dogs included
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You get badges throughout game. You can equip as many badges as you want as long as you have enough Badge Points to equip it.  You may un-equip/re-equip badges whenever you please, your BP goes down according to the badge's BP cost, and the BP returns when you un-equip it.. Your badge points are shared by the party and can be upgraded throughout the game as well.

The menu for Badges should be accessible from your standard pause menu along with Items and Equipment and such. This will take you to a separate window (top right below badge description), you then select between 'All Badges' and 'Active Badges'. All Badges shows you all your badges, equipped and not equipped (window to the right). Active Badges shows just the equipped badges. This window, you can select which badges to equip and un-equip (badge icon, badge name, BP cost). The equipped badges show up as a different color font. Badges that you do not have enough BP to equip show up grey. A description of the badge can be displayed up in the top window. The window on the bottom left shows your party's max BP, a graphic representation to show your max BP and how many you have left, and how many you have available underneath.

One more thing to note that I didn't cover in the pictures is duplicates of a badge would appear underneath each other instead of being stacked, the number on the right would be best left to for BP cost.

I've tried to find other ways of using scripts with changing equipment or weighted items to play as badge points but can't get it to work in the way it should for this game. I just a badges menu that can be accessed from your pause menu ($scene = Scene_Badges.new), something to add badges to your inventory, have a variable that can be changed for your party's badge points, have a true or false (equipped or not equipped) statement for each badge, a name/icon and description for each badge, a required BP cost for badges, a way to tell which badges are equipped. I hope this isn't too complicated to script, but if someone can it would be appreciated!
Thank you
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