[RMVXA] Are these possible/do these scripts exist?

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Hi, first I'd like to state that I'm brand new to RPGMaker and have little knowledge when it comes to scripting and coding. noob ahoy
I plan to learn as I go, even if it takes a long time.
My main goal is to make (surprise surprise) an RPG horror game, but before I start my big project, I wanted to make a shorter game first so I can get used to scripting/making events/etc

So I have a few questions about what I can do with RPGMaker VX Ace, and whether scripts for these mechanics exist

This shorter game is a generic fantasy rpg type of game, but:
-Is it possible to employ a real-time combat mechanic using bow & arrows?
--Will parallax mapping make this more difficult?
--Can you easily make it so you could 'charge' your bow for a more powerful shot?
--Can you make it so that the arrows you shoot will visually appear in the trees/on the floor/in your enemies, and you can walk over each one and pick it back up after fighting?

-Is it relatively easy to make your character's appearance change as you switch armor? (I assume it is)
-Is there any sort of AI system/script so that a companion or pet's sprite will run towards enemies and attack them on their own?


In regards to the main horror game that I want to make:
-My MC has glasses. As a spin on the "lights go out so your character has to navigate in the dark" type of event, is it possible to make the room/map blurry rather than dark? (She loses her glasses, and now things far away from her are blurrier, but things closer to her are clear) Is this possible?
-Consumable Light Source. I may be new to rpgmaker, but I'm pretty darn sure you can have carry-able light sources like lanterns and flashlights. Is there a way to make it so that this light source will eventually run out, and you have to replenish it or find a new source of light? Is it easy to add a visual meter alongside a health bar?
- Depth of Field. I know I want to try parallax mapping, but can I have different layers of 'distance' on my maps such that as my character moves side to side, trees in the background move slower, but bushes in the foreground move faster (and are perhaps blurrier? Is blur a thing at all in RPGMaker?)
--How do I make it so that if the character moves "down" (closer to the screen) their sprite gets bigger, and as they move "up" (away), smaller?

Sorry for so many questions, but I wanted to make sure whether or not any of these were possible/easy before getting too attached to a mechanic that I might not be able to do, or that might not have any existing scripts.
Thank you for your time!

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It's all possible.
Some of it would be harder than other stuff.

For a lot of it you'll need scripts.