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I have a request. I have no idea how difficult it would be, or if anyone would be able to take it on easily enough.

But I don't like the default stats in RMVXA. I don't like how you have so much HP or do so much damage.

I would like a script that simply divides all battle stats such as HP, MP, ATK, DEF, and all those by a number (10, for example) so that the numbers aren't quite so absurd.
Maybe make it so that you can say what you would like them to be divided by with a variable or something.

Is that possible? And if so, how difficult would it be to make?

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class Game_BattlerBase
  def mhp;  param(0) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # MHP  Maximum Hit Points
  def mmp;  param(1) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # MMP  Maximum Magic Points
  def atk;  param(2) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # ATK  ATtacK power
  def def;  param(3) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # DEF  DEFense power
  def mat;  param(4) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # MAT  Magic ATtack power
  def mdf;  param(5) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # MDF  Magic DeFense power
  def agi;  param(6) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # AGI  AGIlity
  def luk;  param(7) / STAT_DIVIDE;   end               # LUK  LUcK
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Level 83
Sorry for the incredibly late reply...and for resurrecting this topic.

But is there any way that this could additional stats like MP and TP cost and weapon added attack power and the amount of exp and gold dropped by enemies?