[VXA] Looking for Map Battle System (TBS movement using direction keys)

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To fellow humble members and scriptwriters,
I've been searching the net for battle system scripts and haven't found any leads (I think there are very few TBS scripts for VXA). I dunno if the idea already exists but I'm looking forward to seeing this. I'm looking for a map battle system or more like a TBS which

•makes the player move using direction keys instead of showing tiles, like in this video:

-the player also triggers the attack command when bumping a vulnerable enemy.

•the no. of tiles that a player can move would be used as a reference for a no. of moves left instead. Ex: player trigger the up button 1x, the no. of moves left is reduced by 1. The player moves up 1 tile. The no. of moves left is shown on any corner of screen.

•player can still use other commands even if there is no move left

•the player automatically ends turn if all actions are done (no actions available: already uses attack/skill command and no moves left)

I have very few knowledge in scriptwriting so I'm asking help. This is just to request a modified TBS or may be an add-on for it (any TBS would do) but if ever anyone is into making a new battle system please consider the game below. I'm hoping for a response :D

I got the idea from an wonderful classic rpg game: Earth Lords


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