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Had an idea I strongly believe many, many people and projects could benefit from. It would absolutely not be easy, but would indeed be a masterpiece were it fulfilled. An Interactive World map, that allows you use your mouse to interact with it, mousing over a location and causing it to display a window which gives info about that location (Or, if not allow for mouse interaction, the ability to scroll through them using the arrow keys would work just as well). The ability for the background image (IE your map) to scroll (Because in a game with a large world map, the world map might look like shit, or otherwise not detailed or good at all if forced to be squeezed within that 544x416 window), as well as, if possible, a list of options for each location. Perhaps you want to check "Starting Town" and see what items are available from it's shops? But another major, important use for this list would be the ability to Teleport to it.
Locations could be added via a script call, and setup in an array in the script, maybe a format such as "Location 1 => "name", X pixel, Y pixel", and there could be a customizable spot that lets the end-user decide how big a "location icon" will be. Say maybe a default of 12x12 pixels (with it centering, so if you say 12x12, it would go out 6 pixels each way, if you set the destination to be X 412 Y 410, the pixels would center on those two). New locations could be added upon discovery via a script call, something like "Location_Add 1" (location info and options for that location would be added into the array, for example "[Location 1 => "name, X pixel, Y pixel, (Options to be displayed when you interact with this location on the map, in a 1, 2, 3, 4 format, up to 4 should be plenty), (Location info, for example, "Your hometown, you grew up here, and know everyone around")]," and so on to create the array.

List of functions for the TL;DR reader:
- Interact, either by scrolling with arrow keys, or by moving/clicking mouse
- Map can scroll so you aren't forced to fit your whole map into a single 544x416 window
- "Options" list, which will appear if you "click" (or press the action key) on a location
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