[Music] Math rock music - Mega Man / Sonic the Hedgehog inspired - my band

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I wasn't sure where to share this so I just sort of stuck it where it seemed fitting.

Hey there. Do you like fast-paced, polyrhythmic rock music? Do you like the soundtrack styles of Mega Man Zero,  or Sonic the Hedgehog? Then you may be in luck. Have a listen to the band 'Fay Grim', for which I play rhythm guitar for, and tell me what you think. I do love hearing constructive criticism, honestly.

The channel itself has 5 tracks of our self-titled EP in total from last year. Enjoy.

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That's some nice skill. It's overall pretty good. The rhythms aren't quite as tight as you'd expect from this sort of music. You'd never listen to this and say anyone is off-beat, but it lacks that crispness to the rhythm. The recording quality is a little low though, so sometimes it's hard to tell. Or I suppose it might just be youtube is shitty. Not that everyone can just have a professional studio-level quality, or anything.

At times it's also a little hard to tell what's going on, and that's not due to the complex rhythms. It might be because of the audio quality in part, or it could be in the mixing. It's just that, compositionally, the guitars are doing too many different complex things simultaneously and because they sound very similar and because the guitar sound is a bit fuzzy, it all gets a bit muddy at times. That's the sort of thing that bands tend to overlook during the mixing process because they know how the music actually goes, so they hear how it should be rather than how it really is.

Nice work