Help with removing items from menu, please

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(Using VX ACE)

My game is utilizing save points, rather than the menu's save option. I'm also not using formation, so I'd like to remove them entirely from the menu, rather than just disabling them.
I'm using Modern Algebra's Quest Log script, so that has to stay in the menu (I assume that takes care of itself.)

I'd LIKE to use Yanfly's Ace Save Engine, but the one issue with that is that it automatically enables save in the menu, but if it's disabled in the RPKMaker interface, you can't save. So, I need to enable it, but have it removed from the menu as well. If that's not possible, I'll just use the default save setup.

So anyway, that's what I'd like, if possible, a way to remove formation and save entirely from the menu. This is a commercial project and you will be credited in-game if you can help me with this.

EDIT: Ok, so I got off my lazy bum and looked into the default scripts. If I delete lines 38 and 40 from Window_MenuCommand, will that do the trick? (I'd still like a script if possible, as I don't really like to edit the default scripts.)
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cat butts

below mainbutts in a new script butt thing
i wrote it in mspaint

Code: [Select]
# ** Remove Save and Formation

class Window_MenuCommand < Window_Command
  def make_command_list

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Thanks! It worked awesome butts

EDIT: By the way, if anyone else can make use of this, put this script before any scripts that add custom objects to the menu and they will still do so.
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