PHA vs. REC question

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Forgive me, I'm like 100% sure this has been asked before, but I searched and couldn't find it.
Please tell me if I'm getting this right:

REC alters MP and HP gain from ANY source (effects, skills, and items.)
PHA alters MP and HP gain ONLY from items.
REC and PHA should stack manipulatively when the healing source is an item, correct? IE if an item heals 100, and REC and PHA are both 150%, the item should heal
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Could you elaborate a bit?

which program are you working with?
have you tested this and it's not working as would be expected?
Had you tried recreating the example you gave?

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Ah, sorry! VX Ace.

I haven't tried testing it yet (although I figured out how to, I've done stuff like this before to determine stacking for attack power and element defense, etc.) I will do it tomorrow, but if someone answers it overnight, that would be neat, also.

I'm looking at the SP-Parameters REC (Recovery Effectiveness) and PHA (Medicine Lore/Pharmacology.) The descriptions in the help files state:

Recovery effectiveness     REC    Percentage of HP/MP recovery effect received
Medicine lore                   PHA    Percentage of HP/MP recovery enhancement by an item

And, I haven't been able to find much more detailed descriptions in half an hour of searching the web either.

Basically, my questions boil down to:
Does REC affect ALL cases of recovery?
And, if so, do REC and PHA stack if the recovery comes from an item?

(Honestly, what I'm hoping is that "effect" means skills or maybe states only, so I could have REC changes effect skills only, and PHA effect items only, but the language in the help file is ambiguous.)
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All right, for anyone who's interested, I tested it this morning.
Set an item to heal for 100, no variance, and a skill to heal for 100, no variance.
Set an item to apply a state that set REC and PHA both at 200%.
Then, skill healed for 200, item for 400. So, REC and PHA both work on items, and stack multiplicatively.
At this point, I suppose it's the wrong forum, but without creating a new thread, could anyone provide or point me towards a script that redefines REC to only affect HP/MP recover through skills and HRG and MRG through states but NOT items for either recovery method (recover or regen)? I understand that this might not be possible fi the internal mechanics don't differentiate. (us) (us) (me)