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Hello!!! and good evening to everyone (it already 7 p.m here)


-First, let me say this, this project is NEW and there only 2 people in the team now. And the 2 of us is artist. What we need on the team is, whom expert in coding RPG MAKER, mapper, sprite maker, any kind of help that we need and if can someone who has experienced creating forum,website or even create their own commercial games. If you guys want to see my art style, please do visit my deviantart page, Deviantart.

The problem is, i don't has the the money to start hiring people, that why after having enough team member and stable demo/beta release of the game, i will start Kickstarter/ or donation to pay the staff and adding some more work for the final release. ( The team will also has future plan [adding DLC and DOWNLOAD TARGET] if this project going smoothly)

- The game will be having Weekly/Monthly (hasn't decided yet) Community Monster Choice. As for the early monster released (50 monster) it will be the team DECISION to give their name/skill/Lead skill/and other stuff, but after this project has the forums, own website and good community support, some of the monster will be made as the community want.
-For this game, i want to make it as a collecting monster game like Pokemon, but has some RPG elements. For the battle concept, i was thinking it to be like any  Digimon's game in NDS platform.
-If you guys gonna ask if this is a commercial project, IT IS. I am planning to sell this game.
-Please do email to this if any of you guys interested.
-LASTLY, if you guys gonna ask that am I really that serious about this project, I AM. I AM and i WANT to make this project successful!
Im sorry if there any grammar error, im not really good in English that much.......
The plan for now:
- Finding team member.
- Design 50 monster to start off.
- Create the storyline for the game.
Some monster design:
Spoiler for:
Spoiler for:
Spoiler for:
Spoiler for:
Spoiler for:
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