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Zelda Hearts System 1.0
By: Wrinkle
October 28, 2014

This is an event system or RPG Maker XP using pictures, variables, switches, local events and common events, to display a Legend of Zelda style life meter (hearts). I have used this method for a while now, on RPG Maker 2003, XP, and will also work for VX and VX Ace. I only included the hearts section of the HUD for now because I wasn't sure what type of game people would want to make if they were using this system. If you would like to see more HUD functions leave a reply.

  • Game starts off with the classic 3 hearts (12 HP)
  • Health maxes out at 20 hearts (80 HP)
  • Demo includes a Link character set with the Hylian Shield and Master Sword
  • Demo also includes a character set with hearts, a heart piece and heart container
  • Premade events to show how heart pieces and heart containers work
  • Recovery hearts to replenish a full heart (4 HP) and a black heart to deplete 1/4 of a heart (1 HP)
  • Includes the low health alarm, which varies depending on your max HP
  • Also includes sound effects and music effects for the demo's functions

It's pretty straight forward, if you look at the common events you'll see the pattern used to display this system. The system uses 3 pictures in game: first is the indicator of maximum heart containers (they show up as small dots), second is the amount of full hearts, and third is the current heart (which can be divided), the current heart also pulses in the background. 1 heart is equal to 4 HP, hearts can be divided into halves and quarters. Recovery heart and black heart are set up to show how the system works by increasing or decreasing HP. Heart pieces and heart containers show how the HUD changes when max HP is increased.

If you wish to use this in your game you can use the demo project and work off that, or duplicate the events and pictures needed to make the system work in an existing project. If you are going to use the pictures provided, credit would be appreciated. If you are only using the event methods, I don't expect anything. Have any questions? Leave a reply and i'll see if I can help you with anything.

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