[Music] Whats the best way to create that "16-bit" style music for a JRPG?

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I'm interested in composing original music for my RPG Maker game, and though I have plenty music samples and VST tools to compose with, my concern is that they all sound too "real" to fit in with a 2D-graphics JRPG game. Can soft-synths do this? I'm looking to dial-in a 16-bit retro sound, similar to the style of the music in games like Chrono Trigger for SNES and Golden Sun for the GBA. I've heard that many of the sounds in these games are actually just real instruments whose sounds were heavily downsampled in order to fit the specs of their platforms.
Do I use soft-synths to create that 16-bit sound, or I am I better off composing with my real instrument samples, and then downsampling/bitcrushing these in order to achieve that sound?

Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated, thanks.

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