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What the...?
By: Ixfuru

GridWars is a  mini-game which uses 'monster tokens' in order to do battle with any event in your project.  The system isn't really easy to set up.  But, it's very deep and can be used to make a truly unique little side system to your project.   

The basis is this:
Player and Opponent face off on a board made up of 60 spaces
the object is to control the most spaces at the end of the match, which is a single round
There are three phases to the round:
   -choose tokens to use in battle (once 30 are chosen, they are set at random).
   -choose orders for each token you chose; this is done player first, then AI, then player, then AI, etc. until all tokens have been give orders;

   -once they've all been given orders, the game advances (on its own) to the tally phase, where battle takes place, one space at a time until all
     tokens have carried out their orders.  At that point the game ends and the one with the most spaces controlled wins.

It will take some getting used to at first, but it is fast paced once you take advantage of the quick buttons and get the jist of it.

Spoiler for FEATURES:
The script is stacked with features to make the mini game more enjoyable, below are some of them:
-uses easy script calls in order to give new tokens and token packs
-uses easy script calls in order to view player wins/losses/ties and even one great for a conditional branch, which checks if the player won the last match
-a VAST token management scene, wherein the player can manage the tokens outside matches;  this scene includes the following:
    *view each token up close
    *use earned level points to level up the token and add to its ATK/DEF/etc. values
    *use quick button to set or remove the token from the 'QUICK SET';  This is a set of 30 tokens which can be called into the match via a button, instead of
      having to choose them each individually
-can customize text colors, AI 'thinking' speed, Sound effects, Music Effects, BGMs, etc.
-can setup 'word parts' by which the system creates the randomly generated tokens, like those you will start with
-can create custom tokens with SET parameters which can be given, called into the game by way of script calls;  This enables the creation of rare/special tokens
-can alter the array containing token icon IDS; this is how the tokens are created, they are actually icons and are randomly generated by the pool of values you
 set up in the module representing their IDs
-tokens grow when they perform well in the match scene;  they are just like actors, leveling up and becoming stronger, the more they are used
-complete TOKEN SHOP scene where tokens can be purchased in packs or singularly; they can also be sold, and custom tokens offered as merchandise;
 token shops are stored globally, and therefor, their stock changes when you sell them something
-rename the tokens, if you don't like the one which has been given randomly
-FUSION of tokens;  this can be done from the management scene.  Where as long as you have over 30 tokens (enough to play a match), you are able to   FUSE  two tokens together to form a new, (albeit random token).

Place below materials and above main
The script comes with a large amount of instructions to help you along, and as of the 2.0, the demo comes with a README file explaining exactly how things work.  Basically, you must do a little setup before you go using in game.
Number one, you must use your Iconset to create some small monster tokens.  (These can be any icons, they don't have to monsters :))  You'll need to add the IDS of the icons you use into the array  called RANDOM_MONSTERS[:icon_pool].    Secondly, you must create the reference to the events which will be used
in your game as those who will challenge the player.  Both of these sections come with a ton of instructions.  And if you use the demo, you can just take the Iconset from there if you want to move the script into a different project, as the Iconset in the demo is set up in the RANDOM MONSTERS pool already.
If you plan on using the Shops, you'll need to set up the TOKEN_SHOPS part of the settings as well.

Then, all you have to do is use the following script calls to take part in the scenes:

Code: [Select]
$scene =

That will call the game, against the event from the CURRENT MAP with the id found in place of the 'event_id' argument

Code: [Select]
$scene =
That will call forth the shop you've created in the settings.  Use the shop's id for 'shop_id' argument

Code: [Select]
$scene =
That will call up the Token manager scene and allow you to edit and set up your tokens. 

Spoiler for SCREENSHOTS:

The Match scene (from earlier version)

Token Manager scene

Grid Token Shop scene

Token Parameter Distribution in the Management scene


Spoiler for CREDITS:
This system is not for commercial use, unless stated in written form by Ixfuru. Permission to use the script commercially may require some sort of developmental trade, some artwork.  Maybe a few bucks. I'll be reasonable.  But the script took a long time to create, so I can't go putting it out there for nothing. Sorry :(

I'm not sure who created the Icons which I used for the Iconset in the DEMO.  It was one I had in one of my old folders that I found somewhere on the internet. I ended up pulling the icons from the original sheet, which was just a bunch of character sprites and faces shrunk down to fit in the iconset sheet.  So if anyone knows who created it, let me know and I'll give credit to them. And so should you if you use the script.

Really, I haven't seen or heard of any issues here.  The script does alias some Game_Player methods I believe...or is it Game_Party...I dunno.  But if you find an issue, post it here and I'll try to help work it out.  And if I can't, I know some folks who may be able to.