[XP] Project Rye (Temporarily Dropped)

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Project Rye was an enormous conglomeration of ideas that me and my friends had from our days of playing games like Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, Dungeons and Dragon, and thrown into an intuitive Detective RPG with an absurd premise for the story.

Loads of Mechanics, World Maps, Character Designs, Story Arcs, and even a crappy alpha test was made in development of the title, and lots of decisions had to be made in order to close it all down for now.

Essentially, I have the summer of 2014, then I leave for two years on my mission to who-knows-where. I can't make a full 20 hour long Detective RPG the way I envisioned it in just three months, even with all the prep work I've been doing the last two years.

Not to mention the lack of recruits from pretty much every forum I've gone to has pretty much ended Project Rye's life as of now.

Oh well, Perhaps I'll start the whole thing up from scratch after my mission, and even use a proper game engine, instead of the limitations of RMXP.

If anyone wants to pick up the project, lemme know, maybe I'll hand it over.
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