Looking for half-decent mappers! [2k3]

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Looking for anyone interested in helping with making maps for dungeons in Touhou Fantasy! The following is a list of dungeons needed to be done for the current beta!

Frozen Fields
Frozen Fields - Dimensional Rift
Ruins of Vina
Ruins of Vina - Dimensional Rift
Fallen Shrine
Fallen Shrine - Dimensional Rift
Sealed Cave
Silent Shrine
Myouren Temple
Palanquin Ship

For details on gimmicks and storyline, feel free to ask me. If you are interested in mapping dungeons that are later in the game, these are the following dungeons that'll need mapped:

Beta 6 Dungeons:

Mostly extended areas of old dungeons.

Hakurei Shrine Forest
Forest of Magic - Lunatic Path
Misty Lake - River Bank
Youkai Mountain - Genbu Marsh
Youkai Mountain - Lord Tenma's Tower
Bamboo Forest of the Lost - Foggy Road
Hakugyokurou - The Netherworld
Road of Reconsideration - Sanzu River
Sunflower Fields (Leads into Mugenkan and the Dream World)
Probability Hyperspace Vessel
Remains of Hell - Chireiden Basement Floors

New dungeons:

Mirage Tower (Made with having the player use 3 separate parties in mind)
Eientei - Pathway to the Moon
Lunar Path
Lunarian Capital
Lunarian Palace
Dimensional Rift
Sea of Clouds

Beta 7 Dungeons:

Endgame dungeons.

End of Gensokyo
Gaplands (Leads into the various Trials per character)
The Void
Heart of Pandora

Beta 8 Dungeons:

Typically the optional dungeons. No names given yet, but they do exist!

Again, if you are interested in mapping in 2k3, and are willing to help out the project, drop me a line! If you need further information, feel free to ask please.