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How do I temporarily prevent the player from moving around, say during a cutscene?
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Could remove all player characters and re add them back in after the cutscene. . . I swear XP had a event to prevent players from moving, but I could be wrong, And I couldn't find anything in VXA. Having Events set to autorun will force the player to remain in place.

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What maker are you using? VXA?

For VXA, there is an easy option to make the player transparent (as well as his party followers), which you could do during a cutscene (if you wish for the player to not be present during the scene).

And, as IAMFORTE said, they players shouldn't move during the cutscene if it's set to "autorun". I believe that they can move during most of the parallel processing commands, though. So, you'd want to avoid using those for awhile. They're a bit more complex. :irock2:

(It's hard to recall without actually looking at the maker. ;9)
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Yanfly has a super tiny script to stop all movement (and select between the player, NPCs or both)


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