[VX] Smithing -- Simply Upgrade Your Weapon

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Smithing -- Simply Upgrade Your Weapon version 1.0
Version: 1.0
Author: richter_h
Date: June 5th, 2013

Version History

  • <Version 1.0> 2013.06.05 - Original Release

Planned Future Versions

  • Socketing feature; Weapon will inherit the socketables, a la Diablo or maybe a la Suikoden as well.


Ever played Suikoden? That game has some blacksmithes that provide weapon upgrades and (maybe later) some enchantments, making your fights would be easier than using a simple stick to the brawl.
And based on that reason, I made this script.


  • Add parameter in every weapon's level. So you can add some ATKs in first levels, then add it more PLUS some SPI. Just for your pleasure.
  • Change your favorite weapon's name from simple "Longsword" into "Longersword", "Cloudcleaver", or "Titan's Toothpick" or even "Sword of the Dark Flame Master"? No problem. You can set weapon's name in every level as you want.
  • Changeable weapon's icon as you desire.
  • Change weapon's description (and whatever the Longsword's description when upgraded is at your hand.)
  • The blacksmith can has lines to speak! It's highly customizable as you want, however, only one kind of quote lines could be added; A generic quote would work.



Simply put this below Material and above Main in Script Editor. Don't forget to read the upgrade path guide.

To call the Smith scene, make an event, choose Script menu then insert this
Code: [Select]
$scene = Scene_Smith.new


It's here. http://pastebin.com/6AytZky9


  • me, richter_h
  • maximusPrime, friend of mine that built the core system and a bit outdated workflow.


  • Konami, for inspiration.


I'm not so active here in RMRK, but if you're looking for me, I'm in RPGMakerID.

Known Compatibility Issues

Q: Bugs?
A: None at the moment. If you find one, let me know.

Q: New features?
A: Maybe that 'socket'ing feature, but I think I'll stay with this. I did this script during my final exam btw.   


Grab the demo here the Demo.

Author's Notes

Don't mind about the demo and script. I just want to add some spice to them. And sorry for my English, sometimes it's baaaaaad.

And if you're looking for RGSS3 version of this, then you must see here

Terms of Use

Credit me, richter_h, if you use this script. Credit maximusPrime as wellif you want. Don't claim as your own.
For commercial use, tell me and we'll do the bidding.
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1 Bug If you don't Have Equiped Weapon And Try to Use Script Then Game Will Crash
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hey man it is a really nice script I needed this for a long time now what I need to know is if there's any way to activate a switch when a weapon evolves ( changes icon and name ) so that we could add special effects like new skills to the player when the weapon is a high enough level? :O