TroyZ - States Damage Count Removal [VXAce] Version 1.0

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TroyZ - States Damage Count Removal
[VXAce] Version 1.0

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How this work

This script will give you an ability to create states that removed when the battler has suffered certain amount of damage at certain probability.


Sorry, no screenshot. I dunno how to screenshot this one.  :D
How to use

Place it between material and main. Use this notetags inside states :

Code: [Select]
<remove by damage: x>
<remove by damage chance: y>

The states that have this notetags will be removed when the affected battler suffers the x total damage at y% probability. You don't have to write the percent sign at y, just put the number actually. For example, a state have this notetags :

Code: [Select]
<remove by damage: 800>
<remove by damage chance: 50>

The state will be removed when the affected battler suffers 800 damage from enemy. When the battler get 800 damage from enemy, the state will be removed at 50% chance.

How to config

Nothing to config, except the notetags itself.

Compatibility Issues

None yet. If you found some, let me know, and bug fixes will come out soon.

Who To Credit

- Allah swt. : For the chance of living that he has given to me.
- Prophet Muhammad saw. : As a leader and messenger and prophet of Muslim. I'm proud to be your follower. :)
- Agung Prasetyo(TroyZ) : Thats me, of course, the ones that made this script. :P


- Free Game : Just credit those names above.
- Commercial Game : Same as free game's license.


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