[VXA] Is there a way to force stop an event? e.g. script call?

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Is there a way to force stop an event set to run parallel?

For example: I have three events. We'll call them events 1, 2 and 3 on map 10. All are dormant when self switches aren't set
After talking to an NPC I use the following three lines to turn switch A on

$game_self_switches[[10, 1, 'A']] = true
$game_self_switches[[10, 2, 'A']] = true
$game_self_switches[[10, 3, 'A']] = true

Event 1A is set to parallel and moves the player around stage like they are dancing
Event 2A is set to parallel and moves an event around a stage like they are also dancing

Event 3A is set to autorun and displays the conversation between these two characters on screen.

At the end of 3A I use $game_self_switches to turn self switch B on for all of those events and transfer the player to the new location at which point Event 4 kicks in and the game progresses as normal.

My problem is that, once we regain control of the player, they start moving along a pre ordained path.

I'm assuming this is because one of the previous "move" commands hadn't finished. I've worked around this by putting another transfer player line in the succeeding event but it looks messy when the player walks a few steps then transfers to the place they're meant to be.

Any advice? I'm sure there has to be a way to break/kill/delete an event mid process.

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Move processing is done within the Game_Character class itself, so it is not the event itself that is still running. Just use a regular move event command on the player in Event 4 and that will prevent him or her from carrying out the previous commands. I don't think it will even need to have any commands in it, but if such is required, then just make him or her turn in the proper direction.

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Thank you. I'll try just making the character face right and see if that works. Unfortunately it's a sporadic issue which makes it hard to test :)

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Long time of testing but... it didn't work :(

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You can always try the "Erase Event" command, but that only works until you get off the map. So, if you return to the map, it will proceed again.
I don't know if that will stop movement routes for sure, though.

Also, you can do transfers with no fade, it that helps. D:
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Well, I use the self switch command and worked for me perfect. ;)
Is not much effort and works everytime. :) (\s/)